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So ugly it’s cute.

I got this vase at a yard sale for $5. It’s big, about two feet tall, and heavy. I was simultaneously repulsed and attracted to it. The colors are kind of muddy, earth tones, pretty far away from my usual palette.The flower (lotus?) is wrapped around it in a kind of creepy way, like it’s […]

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Musings on my thrift store obsession.

I have summers off. Which is AWESOME. Seriously, why aren’t we all public school employees? (Oh, wait, I’m remembering our last staff meeting and all the bureaucratic crap involved with working for a big school district. Never mind.) This summer I got into the habit of hittingĀ  thrift stores on a regular basis. Like, every […]

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Throwing my hat into the ring.

So. Does the world really need another blog? I spend hours surfing on the Internet and find so many outrageously creative, inspired, well-written blogs that cover all of the things that I’m so very interested in and for a while I thought the answer was a resounding “no.” But then I got interested in photography, […]

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