[UPDATE: I’m super-bummed to report that SnapBox has initiated an incredibly steep increase in their prices — prices have more than tripled (I paid $11.99 for a 16X20 print that is now priced at $39.99). Though I thought they were under-priced when I ordered from them, in my opinion they’ve moved past reasonable into the “too expensive to consider” category, even with a 30% discount, as they were offering over the Halloween weekend. When I wrote to inquire, I was informed that their initial pricing was “introductory” pricing, though that fact was not indicated in any language on their site. So though I still think the quality is good, I don’t know who their customer base is going to be — were I to spend as much as they are asking now, I would simply find a local photography studio to print my photos for me. It would probably be cheaper in the long run. Please consider the review below with that in mind — it was based on their original pricing, not on their current pricing. I’ll leave the review up in case they reconsider they’re pricing or offer some staggering discounts that would bring the pricing back in the realm of the reasonable.]

I find crazy good deals on huge frames all the time. Sometimes it seems like the bigger the frame, the more cheaply it’s priced. The problem is that getting anything printed at Office Depot larger than 12X18 is cost prohibitive, because beyond that size things have to be printed on the large format printer and it’s just not worth it for resale. I started Googling, though, looking for online options, which I thought should be cheaper, and I found Snapbox. Their prices are phenomenal, even when they frame it for you — almost too good to be believed. I rooted around the Internet, looking for reviews, but could only find reviews written by bloggers who had received free merchandise from the company, and, to be honest, I never trust those reviews. I think I would if I had ever read a NEGATIVE review when free merchandise was received, but I’ve never seen that. My sister-in-law —  who received a big promotion complete with a brand new office (she’s the vice principal of a school now! WOO HOO!) — needed three 11X17 prints for her new office and didn’t mind being the guinea pig for this particular experiment. Her three framed 11X17 prints came within 5 days, cost less than $40 (we got a 25% discount for being new customers and free shipping), and, she says, look GREAT. (I haven’t seen them yet but she assures me they’re well worth the price.) I was a bit concerned because they’re framed with plexiglass instead of actual glass but she said you can’t tell the difference. So they get an A for their framed prints. [NOTE: a framed 11X17 is now priced at $89.99 — with plexiglass. Check out your local Michael’s for more reasonable options that include actual glass instead of plastic.]

At the same time we ordered hers, I ordered four unframed prints on their art paper. I wanted to try and enlarge some of the photos I’ve taken of my vintage stuff because I thought it might look cool to frame those and see if they sell. The prints ship in sturdy, large, round tubes and come wrapped in a really heavy plastic bag.

The paper the prints are printed on is called their “fine art paper” and it is FABULOUS. Thick, matte, and slightly textured. Absolutely beautiful. The colors and sharpness of the image are great, as far as I’m concerned — I’m not a professional photographer, and probably not as picky as one, but I was pretty thrilled by the way the photos turned out.

I’ve sold two so far…so the jury is out on whether these will be money makers for me or not. I have to price them higher, because, even though Snapbox’s prices are really good, they’re still more than an 11X17 at Office Depot costs to have printed. But I give Snapbox an unqualified two thumbs up review — and this review is unsullied by any free merchandise. 🙂 I think they might have specials pretty often — in addition to the discount we got for our first order, I also received a 30% off coupon when my order arrived and then they had a three-day 25% off sale not long after that. I think the next thing I might try to do is get some family photos enlarged super-big. There’s a 20X30 size that I would love to see! I posted these Blueprint Magazine scans years ago and Snapbox would be PERFECT for a project like this.

Happy Printing, friends!

October 15, 2015 - 7:09 pm

Ellen Bordman You are so stinkin’ smart, Lara Jo! The wonderful world print and your vintage item prints look awesome! I LOVE THEM!

October 19, 2015 - 10:29 am

Brittany So glad you loved our products! It’s great to hear reviews from sincere and happy customers!

October 19, 2015 - 1:53 pm

Kathy Epley Hi Lara Jo, I always enjoy seeing a new post here!! Was wondering about the ‘globes’ photo….since you are selling them, do you need to contact the songwriter to get permission to use a phrase on your pictures? And a 20 x 30 photo on that quality paper would be so great!! If you decide to have one made, I hope you share it with us!! Take care.