It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter/Boothy News

Well, not lonely. Rarely am I lonely with two four-year-olds running around my house (even in the bathroom. And oh, how I long to be lonely in the bathroom).  But it sure has been lonely of JUNK. I hate to keep complaining about this but man, am I looking forward to yard sale season. I finally found two dressers a couple of weeks ago that I got painted and are now in the booth, but that’s the first big stuff I’ve brought to the booth in probably two months. Yikes. They’re OKAY but one of them had veneer issues and both of them took FOUR coats of primer (I rarely prime, but these had nasty finishes on them that sanding did nothing to remove) before I could paint them. So. At least they are something LARGE that I can put in my LARGE booth that seemed like such a GREAT idea in the summer.

I went up today to straighten and replenish and hang up the beginnings of my customized print wall. I’m going to see if there’s any kind of market for personalized prints — for new babies, weddings, etc. I had to make a bunch of new prints to faux-personalize for samples. I feel like I made a million but only ended up with eight or so. My creativity does not flourish in the cold, dark days of winter. But I figure that’s enough to get an idea about whether anyone is even interested in this venture. It’s a lot of wall space to give up, if not.

It looks so paltry but represents so much of my sad little life! Ugh. I think I’m getting less creative the older I get.

Here are some other shots from the booth today.

There was an ad for a junker warehouse sale on Monday that was supposed to start at 10. I stopped by right at 10 with the kids and the gate was still locked with no activity anywhere around. I went back at around 11:30, and it was open, but totally overwhelming — just piles and boxes of stuff, and whole areas that were off limit because they belonged to someone else but there were no real barriers to that section so I kept accidentally wandering into them. I didn’t have the energy so I stayed about five minutes, then headed home. At around 2, Shara texted me from the sale — she had, of course, found a ton of great stuff. I threw the kids in the car and ran down there (after promising her via text I wouldn’t buy anything she wanted!) and poked around with her for a bit. The only thing I bought was some wood, a lot of it this great, weathered, white, chippy planks that I can make a ton of signs out of. He only charged me $2 a piece, and I can get about three signs out of each plank, so it was a score. I know the whole “Farmer’s Market” sign is a bit cliche at this point but I still love them and it really seemed to work with the chippy paint.

You can see the two dressers I bought off of Craigslist in these pictures. I paid too much for the one with the mirror and as a result have it priced too high. I will have to come down eventually but I kind of wanted to keep something in the booth long enough to make it look full! The one in the picture below is massive — very well made and very heavy but it’s the one with some veneer issues, especially on the trim at the bottom.

These number signs came out of an urge to use up the mass of scrap wood I have in my garage. My intention was to make them look more like vintage industrial numbers, but last week I did a few with the “party of” painted on them and they all sold — so I hauled two more up there this week. This will be a good project for me to work on for the Junk Ranch.

I love this little barn I found. It opens up. Wouldn’t it be so cute to decorate for Christmas?

Another sign made out of the wood I bought earlier this week. If I thought it would do any good, I would totally hang this in my kids’ room.

I am WAY behind on answering e-mails, blog comments, and IG comments, so forgive me, please, if I haven’t gotten back to you. Things have been a little hectic around here these days.

Hope Spring is reaching your neck of the woods about now!

March 14, 2015 - 8:43 am

Erica Cliche or not, I loved the Farmers Market sign when I saw it on IG! It’s perfect and looks like the real deal.

Enjoy your weekend and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the good junk finds you soon 🙂


March 14, 2015 - 10:51 am

Shara Your customized prints are just adorable. I think you will do well with them! I have a lot of ideas for birthday things, but I seem to be overwhelemed with ideas and not enough time to pull them all off. I think birthdays are an untapped market! Flea market wise anyway. Funny, you didn’t blog about locking the kids in the car while you dug at that sale……..:)

March 14, 2015 - 12:37 pm

Leilani Looks great & so fresh! Do you ship to SC? I would love to buy a Party of 5 big sign and I love the colors of the party of 4 sign. I’d also like to buy the no whining sign. With hopes that it would act like a magic elixir!!

March 15, 2015 - 8:05 am

Eddie Mitchell Nice signs and prints. I think people will like them. Hang in there! Spring is just about here and the good sales are starting up. I’ve done a couple of massive dig sales like that and you are right about the amount of mental energy they take. The idea sounds great on paper, like a fantasy, but the reality is so overwhelming.

March 15, 2015 - 9:56 pm

Marci Lara,
Its good to see you back in blogland! I know how busy twins can keep you though. Your booth is seriously so cute. I think the personalized signs are a great idea. Everybody loves a personalized baby gift. I could use that No Whining one now. yes they still whine even at 19 🙂

March 16, 2015 - 1:40 pm

Laurie You are so, so good at curating your blog and the colors all looks so great and it’s super adorable so just stop with the self-critiquing. 😉

If I may suggest: make some signs that are kind of a vamp on the farmers’ market one… like, “fresh honey” or “homemade jellies” or “fresh veggies”.

I bet they, and the customizable signs, will sell well. Can’t wait for junk ranch!!

March 17, 2015 - 10:44 am

Kathy Epley Hi, Lara Jo, Our community is known for its twice a year Horse Sale, and that is coming up this week, so people prepare for the crowds with their garage sales. Yesterday it was 81 degrees, and today it will make it into the upper 40’s!! What is that all about?! I am so looking forward to a green yard here…this brown is a bit depressing. I left you an email about our trip south… the dates for visiting friends have changed… we plan to do that at the beginning of our trip and not the end. March 31st is when we will be leaving Bella Vista, to be arriving in Lawton, OK, later that day, or early evening. Hope to hear from you. I agree with Laurie: more farm signs like she suggested on that chippy wood you have would be great!! You’ve got some nice items in your booth, too!

March 17, 2015 - 6:45 pm

Anne Holcomb Looks great Lara, miss ya girl.