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Tiny Little Junk Jaunt OR What $100 will Buy You in an Arkansas Flea Market.

I think I’ve probably mentioned before on the blog the weekend deal my husband and I have had since the twins were babies — I get Saturdays and he gets Sundays. Meaning, I sleep late on Saturdays and/or head out to do some junk searching for the booth and he sleeps late on Sundays and […]

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I’ve been framed.

If you asked me what I buy more of than anything else while yard saling or thrifting, the answer would easily be picture frames. They’re so doggone USEFUL. If you have a booth, and you’re not buying them, you should start immediately! ¬†They’re almost always inexpensive — I just bought two box fulls at a […]

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A note from a long-lost friend.

(I’m the long-lost friend, in case that’s not obvious.) So it’s been a while! I am so lucky that you guys continue to check this blog, given the distance between posts. I don’t understand why it has become so difficult to update — in Chicago, I had a full-time job, twins, a social circle, and […]

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