How is it possible that it’s September?

My Facebook feed is rife with pictures of kids going back to school today…the second wave of such pictures after the first wave of Arkansas schools started a couple of weeks ago. Ugh. It’s weird, not working, because time really stops having any kind of significant meaning — I don’t get that excited about Fridays anymore (although I do get excited about yard saling on Saturdays) and one month melts into another until WHAM reality hits you SPLAT in the face when you check Facebook. It’s lucky that all you people have children going to school or I might trick myself into thinking it’s still June. The kids finished their summer program (two days a week, four hours a day) and loved it so much that Justin and I are scraping together the pennies to send them during the school year as well. That’s right, it’s all for their benefit, has NOTHING to do with me getting used to having eight hours of child-free time a week. We’re just selfless that way. They started that last week so I’m back to having a little breathing room a couple of times a week. So, I guess school has started for us as well.

This past weekend was the Clothesline Fair, held just down the road from Daisies and Olives, where my booth is. The store does quite the business during the fair — it’s a three day event, and attracts a crap-ton of visitors. (That’s my official estimate, by the way, so feel free to quote me on that.) For the past week or so I’ve been frantically trying to get stuff finished to take in for a major booth re-haul on Thursday. These pictures are terrible, my apologies — I was there for four hours and was just ready to get the heck out by the time I took these.

BTW, this is a cubby I got in Little Rock a couple of weekends ago while visiting my Dad in the hospital (quintuple bypass! it’s been quite a month for him). It’s turned up on its side in this photo.

I FINALLY dug the monkey picture out of the closet and got it to the booth. I know, I know, I love it, but I don’t see me having room for it anywhere in the house in the foreseeable future. I’ve got a really high price on it so it probably won’t sell but if it does, I won’t be able to be too sad about it. It certainly does liven up the place, doesn’t it?

Barb sent me a pic of the booth today — I zipped in on Sunday to straighten things out but somewhere between then and today a hurricane hit. A piece of furniture sold, so all the stuff that was originally on that is now on the floor or stuck somewhere else…I probably should have tried to run down there today while the kids were in school but 1. it rained cats and dogs today and 2. the entire household, including me, has a nasty cold complete with a lingering cough, and I couldn’t stand to move more than I had to. I’m taking it a little easy on the booth this week, after the rush of last week. BUT the Junk Ranch is less than a month a way and I have been thinking quite a bit about that. The last two times I’ve gone into it with no real plan as far as set up is concerned — last time was the WORST, as I put no prior planning into it at all. Shara and I aren’t sharing a booth this time (although we will be RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER because I wouldn’t want to do this any other way!) and I’m trying to figure out the best layout for what I’m going to bring. I have stuff I really want to hang — my prints and signs — and I’m determined to figure out how to do that…which means I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest, where I’ve pinned this idea — basically a hinged pallet wall — and this idea — two or three doors hinged together — and I think I’m going to use something similar on one side of my space. Then I can just hammer nails in and hang things, right? I’ll have to put feet on whatever I use to brace it — it gets pretty windy at times. Of course, now I need to get out in the garage and build my wall, PLUS make the things that go on the wall. In a month. Right? Right.


September 3, 2014 - 8:50 am

Erica By this time of summer, I am craving routine and am super ready for school to start. Those 8 hours a week you have free? Wait until you can multiply it by 5. That’s some pretty good extra junkin’ time!


September 3, 2014 - 9:49 am

Anne You sound quite busy and I understand too. I like the hinged pallet idea better but whatever you do will look great. See you later my friend.

September 3, 2014 - 9:52 pm

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage For my first show I built a tri-fold door thingy. I used old solid wood doors I got at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It looks pretty awesome, but I neglected to think through the fact that since they are all solid wood, that thing weighs A TON. A CRAP-TON, if you will. I encourage you to follow that blog’s directions and use hollow core doors. Your back will thank you.

September 3, 2014 - 11:31 pm

Shara I am trying to figure out a way to hang things too. And a way to NOT take so much display stuff. I think I have it narrowed down, but we’ll see. I’ve been making and creating things, but I need to get the vintage Christmas stuff out and start getting it ready. It’s only 30 days away so I am freaking out!

Also – that cubby is like the BEST thing I have ever seen. How could you not mention it and how can you BEAR to sell it? It is delicious.

October 7, 2014 - 8:33 pm

Jane hightower First time I’ve been here in so long I’m embarrassed to admit it. It takes my breath away to see so much stuff I’ve not seen before! The photos are fantastic. Now let’s talk about that $300 mirror!!!!!