Neosho City-Wide, a Darned Good Auction, and a Few Other Odds and Ends.

OH! I almost forgot to mention that Justin and I went to the Neosho Citywide Yard Sale again this year. It’s the first weekend in April, which also happens to be my birthday weekend, so it seems like it’s meant to be. We went last year, and it was fairly successful, though the real draw was getting away together for a day and the BBQ at Big R’s in Joplin. HEAVEN. Here are some of my finds.

1960s Dog Show trophies! Got these at a thrift store in Joplin, and the cashier told me they had had tons of them that had already sold. <Insert sad face here.>

The lamp on the right came from the same church sale that I got some stuff from last year. Their prices are ridiculous — that lamp was $1 and works perfectly.

This desk was a great price and is currently at the booth.

My favorite find…

This print was at the BEST sale. She told me she would be dragging more stuff out of her basement the next day (Saturday), that she had stopped unloading when she had filled up her tables in the yard. I just politely nodded my head because, living an hour away, I would not be returning, but when I got back in the car Justin said I should have asked her to take a peek. I really should have. I could have asked nicely and worded it so she felt free to say no…I just don’t have enough nerve to do things like that. Just the day before, Kristie had shown me a giant framed print at the estate sale they were working on — it was of some hunting dogs, and Kristie was thinking of buying it. It was a newer piece, not old at all, and did not look anything like what Kristie loves, and when I said that, she explained that the draw were the dogs — they were like the hunting dogs her father had when she was a child. So as soon as I saw this, I knew it was PERFECT for her. I feel super-guilty about the subject of Kristie and dogs — she has collected them, in all forms, for years, and recently, I started buying them for myself, so now I am that annoying friend who copies you instead of getting her own collection. I had gotten this old oil portrait a month or two ago:

I feel like it’s contraband that I have in my house that needs to be turned over to the proper authorities (that would be Kristie) but I knew she would much prefer the hunting dogs, so I turned that over instead.

Speaking of Kristie, she and I went to an auction last week that was pretty awesome, except I couldn’t afford any of the things that I really loved. We had spotted the ad a full month before the sale, and were pretty hyped over the descriptions and the pictures, and the live preview did not disappoint. Unfortunately, half the town was hyped about it as well, and it was standing room only the night of the auction, which started at 3:30. Kristie and I agreed that we might as well make plans to stay for the whole thing — in for a penny, in for a pound — and we ended up dedicating over 7 hours to it, pulling out of the parking lot just after 11. We were pretty punchy by the end of it, and I even ended up bidding on something by accident — I had been sitting there, all night, waiting for a set of four hummingbird pictures to come up:

Oh, I absolutely love those. I was determined to get them, and it was laaaaaate by the time they came up — Kristie and I had gotten into a discussion about something and were looking down at the iPad and when I glanced up, one of the assistants was holding them and people were bidding. Without even thinking, I just jumped in, and ended up winning them (OR SO I THOUGHT) for $8, which was AMAZING. Until the auctioneer came towards me holding two window shutters. At least they were only $8! I ended up dropping out of the bidding for the hummingbird pictures when it hit $31, which, really, isn’t bad for four really pretty prints, but it seemed like it was going to go pretty high so I got out while the getting was good. I did end up with some goodies, though.

I got three of these glass cabinets for $30 each but they’re not going to work for what I had pictured them for, so they’re either headed to the booth or Craigslist.

I absolutely adore this fan, which will be headed to Etsy as soon as I get it cleaned up and photographed.

Even though I left without getting some things I had set my heart on, I had such a great time. Kristie makes me laugh like no one else on the planet and I just love the people watching at auctions.

Some other recent purchases…

I got this kitchen set and a ton of this plastic food in a big bag at Potter’s House weeks ago. I’m still mulling over what to do with it. I put a few lots of the food up on eBay with a Buy it Now price but so far, no dice. The Kitchen set is pretty highly desirable BUT this one is not in great shape, so I’m not sure it’s worth taking pics and listing it. Meanwhile, it’s taking up room on my dining room table so I need to make a decision pretty quickly. You know, because of all the dinner parties I throw.

I bought these deer at a flea market to keep — they were a buck fifty each! Who could resist? I love the sleek, mid-century look to them. I googled them to find out more about them and discovered that they sell for nice prices on eBay, so on eBay they went — they sold last week for almost $60! Not a bad return on my $3!

Speaking of deer…I paid too much for these at a thrift store ($5 a piece) so had to mark them too high in the booth. They probably won’t sell. All part of my nefarious plan to keep them.

Remember Booth #2 I was telling you about a couple of posts ago? I got this beautiful class picture there a while back — $15, and it’s really big — about 2.5 feet wide. I took it apart and cleaned it up and now it’s hanging in my gallery wall in the living room, right above my other group shots. I’m telling you, that booth needs to be visited on the regular.

Okay, guess that’s it for this little mid-week report. Hope all is well with you and Spring has settled in permanently to your little world!



April 25, 2014 - 3:38 am

Marci Ok, those pastel miniature kitchen toys are the cutest thing ever. And the hunting dog picture is FANTASTIC! makes you want to decorate your living room like a hunting lodge, doesn’t it? Fun 🙂

April 25, 2014 - 11:59 am

Laurie I want to look at those glass cases!!

Love the little brown deer too. Great job. I sold a Burberry scarf on eBay once for $73 or so bucks. Paid $2 at Goodwill. 🙂

April 25, 2014 - 12:12 pm

Shara What a a great sale on those deer! I sold that Georgia Bulldog bank I bought (when you got those brass deer) for $42.00 last week. Love finding one thing to pay for your entire trip out. That cabinet is wonderful – it would look great chock full of pottery!

I’m headed towards PG – maybe our paths will cross…:)

April 26, 2014 - 6:55 am

Chanelle ambrose Tried to send you an email with some Collectors Weekly posting tips but it got bounced back! Those mini appliances are adorable! Like I can’t stand it adorable! Hit my favorite type of sale yesterday…hoarder/digger…it was heaven. Bought too much as I was on a treasure high.

May 5, 2014 - 5:24 pm

Lara Jo I know, I think there’s something amiss with my e-mail — was it when you tried to respond to an e-mail I sent from one of your blog comments? Justin fixed it so that when I reply to comments on the blog, an e-mail is also sent, in case you don’t check back to see if I replied, but I’ve heard from several people that when you try to answer THAT e-mail it bounces back. I am investigating. Sorry for the hassle! I just checked your Collectors Weekly account to see if you had posted anything from your hoarder sale but I don’t think you did although I am officially IN LOVE with those bronze busts you posted. LOVE THEM. Tell me what you got at the hoarder sale, I’m dying to know! Where was it? Feed my Chicago addiction!

May 5, 2014 - 5:26 pm

Lara Jo I do love the cabinet but I have to sell it. I have no where to put it and the garage is getting full. 🙁 I have to paint it, though. I put the armoire in the booth, BTW, I hope you’re not offended! My mom wanted me to keep it for Emme’s eventual room but I am getting way too casual about storing furniture these days! That’s years away.

May 5, 2014 - 5:28 pm

Lara Jo I LOVE the random $2 find that you know will bring big bucks on eBay. Used to happen a lot more often than it does now…I think the Golden Era of eBay is probably over. I was reading a forum not too long ago where a person was talking about buying on eBay from the first month it existed — she said that first year was amazing, you could find so much good stuff for next to nothing. Then it went crazy expensive and I think now it’s somewhere in the middle. Hey, let me know if you want to see these cabinets!

May 5, 2014 - 5:41 pm

Lara Jo Marci, that print would have been perfect for a hunting lodge! Good call!

May 9, 2014 - 7:53 am

Melissa Those cabinets are super cool, too bad they didn’t work for what you had in mind. And that fan is a thing of beauty to behold. I bet it sells fast.
The little stove toys, don’t even get me started on how friggin’ cute those are…

May 15, 2014 - 8:01 pm

Kelly Bundy I am very interested in the little plastic kitchen sets and the plastic foods. How much do you want for all? I used to play with same kind of toys when I was a little girl. Thanks, Kelly