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Neosho City-Wide, a Darned Good Auction, and a Few Other Odds and Ends.

OH! I almost forgot to mention that Justin and I went to the Neosho Citywide Yard Sale again this year. It’s the first weekend in April, which also happens to be my birthday weekend, so it seems like it’s meant to be.¬†We went last year, and it was fairly successful, though the real draw was […]

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Happy Days Are Here Again.

It’s warm! It’s sunny! THE YARD SALES ARE BACK! They’re not what I would call plentiful, but when I get up early on a Saturday, there’s somewhere to go.¬†Granted, this past Saturday I slept in, but I’m planning on that being the last late Saturday morning I have for quite a while. Now I’ve just […]

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Looks like we made it.

Happy April, everyone! I can’t believe I haven’t checked in since February. Apologies. Were I in Chicago, I would be muttering about how lucky my relatives and friends in Arkansas were, what with Spring appearing around these parts in mid-to-late March and firmly and undeniably planting itself by the beginning of April. However, now that […]

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