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Great merciful heavens, that was a tough couple of weeks we just went through. The kids turned 3 on December 16th, but one set of grandparents were out of town that weekend so we postponed the party until the 22nd…if you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll remember that we did the same thing last […]

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Desperate Thrifting.

Well, as predicted, we got hit hard. This was from the first day of hard snow, which was landing on about four or five inches of ice. A week later, there’s still four or five inches of snow out there. YUCK. Everything is wet, cold, and muddy. I might as well be back in Chicago! […]

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The weather outside is decidedly frightful.

I’m writing this while tiny ice pellets hit our roof, sounding so merry and¬†twinkly¬†but bringing the threat of downed power lines with them. I do not know why, but the idea of having our power go out fills me with horror and dread. Oh, wait, I do know why, it’s because I have two terrifying […]

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