Weekend Finds.

There was another auction this weekend, this time in a town about forty minutes away, and the photos looked amazing — a warehouse full of primitive furniture, crocks, crates, boxes — you name it, if it was old and cool, they had a picture of it. Kristie and I decided to give it a whirl and headed up there at around 8:30 — but, of course, I had to hit a few sales before meeting Kristie for the trip. There really weren’t many listed on Craigslist…I guess the season is slowly winding down to a close (sob!). What I did get, I got at the same sale.

Those ladder-back chairs are really old and I have big plans, BIG PLANS for them — if you visited my Pinterest Projects Board right now, most of the pins would be from Beyond the Picket Fence. That woman is a GENIUS with reclaimed wood and she has absolutely no fear — if she can imagine it, she can build it. This project had me on the hunt for some chairs with lots of character but a lack of seat — these will be perfect. She had six in all — the other four had seats intact (the kind of seats kind of like lawn chairs, with strips woven in and out — what the heck is that called?) but she had painted them all a really bad blue color — seats and all. So I kind of overlooked them. And I should not have, in retrospect. She was asking $40 for all of them and sold me the two for only $6 each. Rats. The two old mixing bowls were $10 together. They’re unmarked — any tips on how to search for these online to decide how to price them for the booth? Are they crocks instead of mixing bowls? You know you are all smarter than I am so don’t be afraid to show it.

Next: drive to Clifty, Arkansas, a tiny little town. We were there for about five minutes before we realized that everything we wanted was going to be waaaaaaay out of our range. These people were bidding things up outrageously; even reproductions were going for ridiculous amounts. After about thirty minutes of this, we decided to cut our losses — there were probably three or four items I would have loved to bid on but I could tell that it would be hours before they got to them and then I was pretty sure it would only end in heartache as they quickly got bid way out of my price range. It’s just as well that I wasn’t tempted to spend more than I should, anyway.

Next, we headed to Rogers, where Kristie had seen a listing for an estate sale that was on its last day, with everything 50% off. There were a couple of neighborhood sales listed as well, so it seemed worth the drive. I got some surprisingly cute things at the estate sale, considering that it was the last day of a three-day sale.

These were super cheap. I can always use things like this to corral little craft items, like buttons.

This is, perhaps, my most favorite ephemera purchase EVER.

1939 Children’s Party Book.

Justin started reading the game suggestions and found one where you put three bowls on the table: one is filled with clear water, one with cloudy water, and one empty. You blindfold the children and have them put their hands in one of the bowls. If their hand lands in clear water, they will marry and have long, happy lives. If their hand falls in the cloudy water, they will wind up widows or widowers. If their hand lands in an empty bowl, they end up spinsters or bachelors! These were kids’ games! Can you even imagine?

We each bought one of these mannequin heads for $8 each to use for hat displays. She’s not vintage but I thought she had a very vintage feel about her.

Kristie spotted these in the locked case at the Salvation Army in Rogers. I almost never look in thrift store cases, because the ones in Fayetteville mark up the stuff they think is worth locking away so high that I can’t afford it, but these were marked $5 each and were half off of that — so $5 for the pair. She couldn’t decide whether to buy them or not so I waited until she was shutting the case door back before grabbing them myself. HOWEVER, today is Kristie’s birthday, so I am thinking these will make their way into her collection one way or another.

We headed back to Fayetteville and stopped at an estate sale that was on its last day — my friend Laurie had stopped at it on Thursday and had e-mailed me — she got a few items, but they were all for her to keep, not to re-sell, since the prices were kind of high. I stopped by WITH THE KIDS, if you can imagine, but got aggravated when nothing was priced (I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to ask “how much is this? how much is this? how much is this?” a million times with two toddlers in tow) and left without buying anything. There was a lot left, but, again, nothing was marked, so I just started poking around to see what I could gather. I ended up with two little planters (including a McCoy basket weave pot), about six or seven pages from a 1956 calendar illustrated by Currier and Ives, four Asian-style prints, two zinc lids with porcelain inserts, and this little nun:

How cute is she? I got all of it for $5, which was a bargain. Kristie found one earring (the other had apparently been lost) and asked how much and was quoted $5. For one earring. WEIRD. Price things, people. It makes everyone so much happier.

Once you add in the Sonic stop and the good company, it was a wonderful Saturday, indeed.

Here are a few other things I’ve taken pictures of but never shown you…

I got these two items, plus some reclaimed wood pieces and old hinges, three easels, and this little doo-hickey that I’m going to use for crafts —

— that will hold a lot of buttons and doodads! — from a sale on Thursday way out in the boondocks. I paid $18 for all of it.

I picked up five of these from a sale a week or two ago — and Shara hit the sale after I did and bought all that were left (over 20 or so) for a bargain price! They are really cute — would look really cute as decoration in a child’s room, if you were the kind of mother who had her crap together enough to have a child’s room that was actually decorated or designed. A few have sold on eBay for around $10 so I think we did pretty well on these.

I bought this little ottoman/storage chest during one of my ill-fated, desperate drives up to Bella Vista (if I don’t have a good sale day in Fayetteville, I often make the mistake of doubling down and spending too much gas money driving farther and farther away in search of goodies). I paid $12 for it, way too much for resale purposes, but I think I’ll be able to get a little bit of profit out of it and I was looking for some red and green touches for the booth for the Christmas Open House. I want to suggest the holidays without going all-0ut Christmas.

Aaaaaand that’s all I got for you right now. The kids are napping and I really need to hit the garage…I’ve got to organize out there, get all my yard sale stuff ready (yard sale at Barb’s next week!), cut some lumber for new projects, finish some in-progress projects, and make room for the new wood I’m bringing home tonight…I found same barn wood on Craigslist that I’m going to pick up tonight. My picket fence connection didn’t return my text this last time so I’m afraid that means I’ve dried up that avenue of reclaimed wood. FROWNY FACE.

Linking up to A Living Space’s Nifty Thrifty, where they recently went to Emily Henderson’s yard sale! Imagine!

October 28, 2013 - 4:39 pm

Sarah I am clearly the last person on earth without one of those scales. 🙂

October 28, 2013 - 10:53 pm

Shara That Party Book is great! Except for depressing kids once they find out they will be a widow one day. What fuN!

Sorry that auction got out of hand – the ad looked amazing, but I figured the prices would be sky high. You still got some great stuff on your rounds. I’ve been looking for a spice rack like that to hold my enormous GLITTER collection. Except I have about 60 colors, so I guess I need to find about four of those racks. Good luck to me!

Does that head freak your kids out? I have a couple and they frighten me every single time I see them. And, I see them about ten times a day.

October 29, 2013 - 9:33 am

Melissa That party book is killing me, it’s so sweet! I love that scale too. Great finds!