Whatever will I talk about now?

SO. The Farm Fresh Vintage Market came and went on Friday and Saturday and I AM STILL ALIVE. But just barely. Here it is Sunday and I still feel like a wet noodle. My mom is staying with us to help out this week and she kindly let me sleep in this morning, which was WONDERFUL…but even after sleeping until 10 am I was still a bit wobbly in the knees. I got up, took a shower, came out in the living room, and thought, OH YEAH, I HAVE KIDS. )Which, by the way, is why I don’t ever drink that much anymore. It’s just too much, facing two toddlers with a hangover, however slight.) Still, with my husband and mom’s kind help, not to mention the — AHEM — assistance of the TV, I still got all the laundry caught up, the house cleaned, and a huge load taken down to the booth, so I’m feeling pretty productive despite the exhaustion.

Since this was the third vintage market I’ve done (two in Chicago and now this one), you would think I would kind of have it down to, if not an exact science, at least a fairly consistent routine. Sadly, that is not the case. Thursday was load in — unlike at the Vintage Bazaar in Chicago, we had ALL DAY to load in, which was lovely — and though the plan had been to wait until my husband came home to load the truck, I started getting antsy that he would get home too late and dark would be too soon upon us. So I picked up the UHaul at about 11 am — and in true UHaul fashion, the 10-foot I had reserved was unavailable and I was forced to take a 14-footer. Since me driving the 10-foot was pushing it, I wasn’t thrilled about this, but when the guy pointed out this one had a ramp on it, I figured that would make it all the easier for me to do this by myself. So I loaded her up and CAUTIOUSLY drove her out to the site of the sale. I got there about 3:30 and left at about 8:30, when it was pitch dark and I was basically feeling the things I was unwrapping in order to tell what they were. I still had a lot of work to do so I headed back out at 7 am the next morning; the early shoppers were being let in at 9 am, and I JUST got the finishing touches put on my space about the time the first shoppers started hitting the aisles. Thanks to the amazing generosity of Amy, the Queen of the whole shindig, I didn’t have to worry about the fact that I had brought WAY to much stuff — my 10X10 ended up being about twice that. How lucky is that?

I couldn’t help comparing the experience to my Chicago sales during my two days behind my little booth; the Chicago sales were so fast — load in for an hour, set up, then sell for six hours — that this two-day sale seemed practically luxurious in comparison. And in Chicago, I had a tiny booth in a Chicago landmark building, and never left my space — we were selling the entire time there. It was utter chaos, and very city in atmosphere. The crowd was younger and there was a high hipster quotient. I really had figured out what would sell there by the second Bazaar. But this…was a whole new ball of wax, which is probably why I ended up hauling so much stuff with me — I wasn’t sure what was going to sell and what wasn’t. I was out in a field with cows and horses with bluegrass playing in the distance. Pulled pork sandwiches and sweet tea were available on site. Because the time was extended as compared with the Chicago sales, we had ebbs and flows, and I had a lot of time to talk with the other vendors, which was really nice. I LOVED selling in Chicago but I gotta say…this was a pretty sweet set-up. So much more relaxed and friendly — not because the shoppers in Chicago weren’t friendly, but because it was so frenzied and chaotic, I didn’t have time to notice whether they were friendly or not! Plus, this sale had SHARA and her adorably sweet son Christopher next door to me, and I can’t tell you how much more fun that made this sale. We had a lot of time to chat and I enjoyed every second of it.  I am lucky to have a junking friend as funny and talented as she is.  I think Amy has hit upon a format that will grow and be really successful in the future…and I really, really hope I can get it together enough to take part in the Spring show.

I have to tell you about the end of the sale, though: the weather was beautiful on Friday, albeit really windy, which kept me from hanging my prints on strings from the tent which I was bummed about. However, forecasts were calling for thunderstorms on Saturday, and the time predicted for the storms kept changing — every shopper had a different prediction. For a while, we thought we were going to get lucky, because, although it continued to be really windy, the skies weren’t looking particular threatening. UNTIL. Around 1:30, a few vendors started to pack up (the show was scheduled to run until 4) and the rest of us started nervously looking at the sky. I was really reluctant to start packing up, because we still had intrepid shoppers and I was still making sales and let me tell you, the more I could sell and avoid packing into the car, the better. But my reluctance meant that when the heavens OPENED UP at about 2:30, I wasn’t anywhere near being packed up…and this rain was just crazy. It was zero to sixty in three seconds. I had a hard time catching my breath because it was like a wet mop hitting me in the face over and over again. Luckily, I had called Justin, and he got there a few minutes before the downpour started, so we were able to get the most fragile stuff in the car before the worst of the storm hit. It only took us two trips to get home, and, on my second trip, I met back up with Shara and our new buddy Laurie and we all pitched in to get our tents down and finish packing up. TEAMWORK, people.

And now, if you can be a bit more patient with me, I would love to show you some shots of other vendors’ booths, starting with Shara’s. Can I tell you guys something? Shara is a display GENIUS. The time that she put into packaging and displaying her clever, clever wares was astonishing. And it paid off as her booth was mobbed for a lot of the day and I kept hearing compliments from her customers wafting over to me.

Her swoon-worthy feedsack pendants. Girl is going to HAVE to open an Etsy shop for these, don’t you think?

The packaging!

Christmas heaven.


Next to Shara’s booth was our new friend Laurie of Junque Rethunque (isn’t that a cute name?) — you can also like her Facebook page to get a first look at the fabulous stuff she finds. She has a booth at Springdale’s Midtown Eclectic Mall. Her Farm Fresh booth was heavenly, and she is lovely. Funny and a very talented writer with an adorable little boy who was a veritable angel for the two days of the sale.

We puzzled over this certificate of marriage — it looks so old but was dated 1972? Also, why don’t things like this stay in the family? I mean, as a vintage lover, I’m glad they don’t, but it still amazes me.

For some reason, I didn’t get a picture of my favorite items in her booth — she had a TO DIE FOR bench made out of old doors that was bargain priced at $35, a huge, primitive book shelf, and the cutest little wire doll swing.

Across the way was Kim from Rusted Brown, with her cute husband and cuter daughter. Her stuff was GORGEOUS and she has what looks to be the cutest store ever in Bentonville. Everything about her was CUTE. She shall now be known as CUTE KIM. I will be checking out her store next time I head to yard sales up north.

Isn’t this just a gorgeous dresser?

And across from Kim was Trashley’s Junk Emporium. I yakked with her and her Mom about this amazing magnet she had made:

I apparently talked about it for so long that I forgot to get any other photos of her booth, which was beautiful. She has a store in Fayetteville at 546 w. Center, just off the Fayetteville square, beside the Striped Pig. She does wonderful stuff with painted furniture and does a lot of custom orders.

I would say that the friendly vendors were a BIG plus of this sale. It helped that I loved just about every single booth (for more ideas of what kind of stuff was offered, check out my previous blog post, where photos of Amy’s amazing booth were posted). Of course, now I know exactly how many people are out there on Saturday mornings, looking for the junk my heart so desires. Hey, we can’t all be at the same yard sale at the same time, right?

THANKS for bearing with my long-winded account, and thanks to those of you who posted encouraging comments — I’m off to answer e-mail now. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


September 30, 2013 - 8:15 am

Melissa That looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! I’m a huge fan of big vintage fairs. Your space looked amazing, I bet you did really well!
I’m glad you guys had a good time and make some new friends. Damn rain!
Oh, and I hear you on the hangover. I’ve only attempted to drink much once or twice since I’ve had the Little Dude 20 months ago. I had one hangover and he totally didn’t care!

September 30, 2013 - 10:39 am

Pam @ House of Hawthornes Shara sent me over to visit. Sounds like you guys had a blast (except for the stupid rain shower). Nothing like a mad dash to throw everything in the car. Great photos of the show! I’ll be back to look around some more later tonight.

September 30, 2013 - 2:10 pm

Shara Can you believe we are DONE? I thought I would be exhausted, but I am actually still on kind of an organizing, purging, selling kind of mood. So, I am tossing things right and left!

You photos are so lovely. It makes everything look wonderful! You booth was so sweet and looked like homey with all the little vignettes. I like making displays and wish I had the means to set up furniture and stuff like you did.

I’m glad you showed that dresser. I didn’t see it, but I did overhear a man comment on how UGLY it was and how much he hated it. Then I heard poor Kim trying to stick up for it. I don’t usually like things like that either, but it is pretty!

I just put our rain soaked shorts in the washer – my god they STUNK.

September 30, 2013 - 8:27 pm

Shannon Your booth looks great! I’m so glad things went well…and that you got some breather time in! Definitely different from the Chicago sale!

October 6, 2013 - 9:13 pm

Lara Jo Pam, thanks so much for visiting! I’m a big fan of your blog from way back. I appreciate the comment!!!

October 6, 2013 - 9:16 pm

Lara Jo Melissa: Seriously, do kids have to take EVERYTHING away from us??? Even our drunken nights out???