Saturday Finds.

Y’all. It’s so hot. I am not used to this sudden heat wave in September. Sure, in Chicago it would still be pretty warm, and going back to work in an giant old school without air conditioning was never fun, but this is taking it to a whole new level. On Saturday, I nervously watched the temp reading in my car nudge up to 94 degrees, 95 degrees, 96 degrees…it was reading 98 degrees when I pulled into my driveway at 12:30. This is one of the reasons I almost stayed in bed yesterday morning — I knew it was going to be unbearable, and I hadn’t found anything particularly interesting in the Craigslist listings on Friday night. It never gets easier for me to wake up in the morning and if I can grasp on to an excuse not to, I will. But my enterprising spirit won out, and I headed out to what seemed like some pretty uninteresting sales but what ended up being a pretty bountiful day.

The best sale I went to was at a moving sale. A woman was downsizing to move into a condo. She told me this was the third sale she had had, which, ordinarily would have meant it was pretty crappy, but she was literally loading up the moving truck and this was all the stuff she had uncovered that she really didn’t want to take, so it wasn’t yard sale leftovers. Her prices were pretty high, but it was quality stuff, so I winced a little bit but I knew the stuff was worth it. In the end, as I was pitifully pulling out my crumpled dollars and trying to count up how much I had, she made me a deal and sold me all of this for $20.

Plus a large, ornate picture frame I couldn’t fit in the picture. Now that I look at it like this, it doesn’t seem like that much for $20. BUT. The pottery is in pristine shape and stamped USA. The clock is in perfect working condition and SO LOVELY.

After a little research I found out that it was manufactured sometimes between late 1930s and early 1940. I adore it. It will be really hard to part with but it’s electric, so finding a place to display it where it can also be plugged in is a bit of a problem. I might mark it pretty high and if it sells, hooray, and if not, hooray.

The thing with the handle is also really cool. The front is a print under glass and the back is a mirror.

It has a lovely, carved handle.

That suitcase should sell pretty easily. I haven’t been able to keep a suitcase in the booth longer than a day or two.

So I bought a typewriter. I used to see these all the time in Chicago, for pretty cheap. They seemed to have really gained popularity and when I saw this one for $10, I was a little hesitant…but then I though about how cute it would look in my Barn Sale tent and figured I could probably at least get $10 for it, even if I didn’t make a profit.

Plus, it still works!

I got these three nesting Hall crocks at a sale way out in the boondocks.

That stool was a purchase from a little flea market at the Elkins Fun Day, where the sale was. It was $1. The crocks were not exactly cheap. I paid $9 for all of them but, again, it was about how cute they would look under my little tent. I should probably stop buying things just because they would look cute at the sale.

Here are some other odds and ends, all purchased for next to nothing.

That little wooden tray is great. I also adore those little chickies — they’re actually wall ¬†hooks. How cute would they be in a baby’s room?

And this clock, which is nothing special, but I thought it was pretty cute. I guess I’ll spray paint it, and then I was thinking about gluing some vintage buttons to the inside of the flowers to make it a little more vintage-y.

There were a few other items that I didn’t photograph. It was one of those days when I bought one or two things from every sale I stopped at, so you totally end up feeling productive at the end of the day. PLUS, I had some damn fine barbecue for lunch — a brisket sandwich with baked beans from The Barbecue Place on Huntsville Rd., for anyone who’s in the NWA area. The real news was their homemade banana pudding. OH. MY. HEAVENLY. STARS. It was so good. I made the mistake of sharing a bite with the babies. Jack took his bite and turned around to walk off and then just made a circle without ever stopping to come right back to my bowl, saying, “Pease, bite, pease, bite,” over and over again.

So, getting out of bed wins again.

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September 8, 2013 - 7:08 pm

Shara It’s miserable, isn’t it? Any hopes of capris and hoodies by September 28th? I doubt it.

You found great stuff. You are going to have a cute tent. I got all my vintage rounded up today, now I just need to price it all. I am SO ready to say IT’S OVER. But, looking forward to doing it too. Kinda. Sorta. A little bit.

*Rumor has it my Banana Pudding is to die for. So, I will make Jack his own dish full if I am ever so lucky as to spend the day with him.

September 9, 2013 - 8:44 am

Melissa Yup, I think most of us agree with you. We’re over the heat! SO OVER IT!
I love that old clock you found, and the type writer is awesome! It’s so good that your finds were worth the sweat.

September 9, 2013 - 12:59 pm

JunkHunk I think you should price the clock at $70 bajillion.

September 10, 2013 - 10:07 pm

Marsha I’m surprised you could figure out how to put the paper in the typewriter and type on it! And I love all the things you got in spite of the heat. Very cool stuff. It was in the high 90s in Chicago today!!