One hurdle down, one to go.

Last night was work night at the flea market and I spent four hours — FOUR HOURS! — taking the booth apart and putting it back together. I ain’t gonna lie, some of that four hours was spent staring at it, hoping that inspiration would suddenly SHAZAM! me in the brain. I always get to a point where I feel completely overwhelmed and sure I can’t figure out how to make all of the pieces fit back together.

Last night was especially intense because I wanted to re-paint my back wall and, after that was finished, try something a little different as a wall treatment. I am inspired by Melissa’s booth over at Andromeda Vintage — that back wall, in all its chalkboard glory, really packs a memorable wallop. I’m trying to find something that’s going to make my booth stand out a little bit more. Most of the booths at Daisies and Olives have something to make them a little special — the people at that flea market have creativity out the wazoo — and mine, with it’s demure gray wall (Benjamin Moore’s Grey Owl, supposedly the BEST GREY EVER OMG OMG OMG according to the Internets, but let me tell you, if you’re painting it in a room with florescent lights, give it a pass) left something to be desired. So when I acquired my ten jillion pickets, inspiration struck. I cut 20 of them down, and with the help of my lovely husband, slapped a bit of cream paint on them. Last night, in addition to new merchandise, I loaded this into the car:

I wasn’t at all sure I could make this work, and was nervous about getting it all done in the time frame I was given, but I am proud to say I pulled it off. I just used one screw per picket, and wham, I had my little picket fence up against a Robin’s Egg Blue background.

This is an in-progress shot, taken with the iPad because I couldn’t get far enough back with the camera to get everything in frame. At this point, I had gotten all of the stuff I wanted up on the wall, which took the lion’s share of time last night.

There is something so liberating about taking everything out of the booth and starting from scratch. I kind of love it.

Those carved wooden people are STILL THERE. At this point, it’s just out of stubbornness that I’m leaving them. HOW DARE PEOPLE NOT LOVE THEM? I’ll be taking them out for the barn sale and, after that, put them on Etsy, although they’re so big, shipping is going to be a bear.

That kitchen cart you can see in this photo was a $4 yard sale purchase. I can’t remember if I ever blogged about it or not. It is in beautiful shape, with two fold-down sides and wheels that roll like a dream. It has been out in the garage serving as my jigsaw table but I decided I had better get it in the booth before I damage it too much to sell.

I sure do love that owl. He started out like this:

You may be thinking he was pretty cute to start with, and you would be right, until you come to his eyes, and then you think he was sent by Satan to capture your soul. Creepy.

See that pair of prints up in the upper right hand corner of this photo? I wish I had taken a close up of them before I put them in the car. They’re from a book I found at Potter’s Thrift Store a couple of weeks ago: The Bumper Book, a 1940s picture book of fairy tales, poems, and songs. Every single page is illustrated with the most delicious illustrations you’ve ever seen. I will be framing many of those. The two framed pieces in the lower half of the photo are these:

They’re magnet boards. I’ve had that Rodeo fabric forever…so long that I can’t even remember where I got it. It was SO HARD to use it, but how ridiculous is it that I would rather keep it stuck in a drawer instead of using it for something? I have a little bit more left, for a second project, whatever that may be.

I tried to get a picture so you could see what the picket fence looked like peeking through.

It’s subtle, but it’s there. Just adds an extra layer of interest. It’s not nearly as compelling as Melissa’s chalkboard wall, I don’t think, but it’s a world better than the plain Jane it was before.

Today I am exhausted, and taking a break from projects. The house was clearly showing the neglect of the past couple of weeks so I spent the day cleaning and doing laundry. Oh, and yard work. Someone, please remind me why it’s so great to buy a house?  The yard work never ends.

I’m thinking I might try to pop up to the booth over the weekend, just out of curiosity than anything else. I need to know if those signs are going to sell so I know whether or not to spend the next month working on them. Did I mention my idea to put together some blank signs to sell at the Barn Sale? Sand them down, bolt them together into different shapes, basically do everything except for the painting, so if anyone wants to DIY all they have to worry about is the art. That would be super-simple and I’m wondering if they would sell. Also have to figure out a card reader…and practice setting the tent up…and get new price tags made…Lord, the list is endless. This will be a busy month.

August 30, 2013 - 8:52 pm

Jane hightower Everything looks so good and I LOVE the picket fence. Looks like it’s been there a lifetime, fits right in. I may take that large set of people from you… I have a new craft shelf they would look good on.

August 30, 2013 - 11:14 pm

Shara Your booth looks great! I love the pickets too. Could you put nails in them and hang signs on them too? You know me, cover every space. Painting that freaky eyed owl was genius. I see that insane little girl planter on the shelf. She still cracks me up.

Yes, FOUR WEEKS until the Barn Sale. Freak out time. I drove out to the VG Center today to look at it. It has a big nice area for us all to set up, but I haven’t figured out where all of us and all the thousands (I wish) of shoppers will park. There are some pastures, so maybe she has that worked out. It is quiet and peaceful out there. It is all open but in the corner of the lot near the street are these HUGE trees with lots of shade and I wish, wish, wish we could end up under those trees.

PG was bustling today. Not sure when I will go back out – not tomorrow since it is game day and the traffic will be hideous. You know that, right? STAY HOME!

August 31, 2013 - 8:26 am

Melissa I LOVE the picket fence! It totally makes your booth stand out. I love how it looks aged too, like it’s been there for forever. I really love the mix of stuff in your booth. I bet those signs go fast!
And thanks for the compliments and the shout out! You sure do know how to make a girl blush!