Saturday Finds.

Justin let me sleep in on Friday — he was off of work, and he got up to get the kids in the morning, and before I knew it, it was nearly 11. ELEVEN! Like I’m a college student or something. He is really a fine specimen of a husband, I must say. When the alarm went off this morning at 6, I lectured myself: “Now, you got to sleep in yesterday. There is NO REASON for you to try and worm your way out of getting up this morning.” Last weekend I didn’t go to any sales, because I was still reeling from the bad news that hit our family. So I’m a little behind when it comes to stocking the booth. BUT it was raining. And windy. And dark. And lightning and thundering. And such a good morning for sleeping in.

Yet I got up! Woo hoo!

Of course, there wasn’t a whole lot going on. I hit a rummage sale first, at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church (my brother’s parish), that started at 6 am (I will never, ever, ever be the first person in line for a 6 am sale). I figured it was an okay place to start since it was indoors, and, at 6:45, it was raining like crazy. Even though they had been open for almost an hour, I really did well there.

A bunch of flash cards that aren’t old, but I figured, for a quarter a bunch, I could probably find something to do with them.

Doesn’t she just look INSANE? She’s marked Japan and her friend…

…is marked Occupied Japan. He’s really neat — a little trinket box — but the lid was taped shut and I neglected to look inside…the rim on the inside of the lid is chipped. 🙁 Wouldn’t be so bad except I paid $5 for him.

The fact that this cake plate was $1.50 kind of made up for it, though! What was this still doing there 45 minutes after they opened? I have a confession to make: I was on the other side of the table and reached over to grab this. There was a couple on the other side, in front of it, but not specifically looking at it…and honestly, they didn’t look like cake plate people…so it was okay, right? I usually refrain from such grabby behavior, especially when I’m at a CHURCH rummage sale!

3 large ironstone serving bowls and some display eggs. Weird, I know, but I have all of these vintage mixing bowls and what-not that look so empty on the shelf in the booth…I’ve been looking for something to display in them.

A globe for $5.

I really just wanted the red wire basket, but neither the basket nor the blocks had a price on it. I brought it up to ask, and the guy charged me a quarter for all of it! Don’t think I’ll let the kids play with the blocks as they’re pretty chippy but they look awfully cute, just for display. And a quarter!

This really old tablecloth was FREE. Silly people.

And finally, I got a giant tub of Mega Blox for ONE DOLLAR. Jack used all of them to build this tall, tall tower.

I left that sale pretty high on the Catholics, let me tell you.

At this point, I went back to Craigslist and did a search for “rain,” figuring that would bring up sales that said “rain or shine,” and a few of them did. At one of those, I ran into my friend Barb (who has a booth in the same place I do) just in time to help her get the most adorable little orange easy chair into the back of her car. I wouldn’t have looked twice at this chair if I had been by myself, but as soon as Barb started looking at it, I realized how cute it was. I had my cute blinders on, I guess. And orange is such a hot color right now. Some college girl is going to snatch that sucker up for her bedroom. (College shopping is really big right now at our store.) Hilariously, we ran into each other again about ten minutes later at a sale that had just opened their garage door, as the rain was just beginning to taper off. At that sale, I got THESE:

Now, like the table I posted earlier this week, these are not exactly my style. But I know the college kids love the groovy seventies stuff and they’re in perfect shape and SO VERY COMFORTABLE and were only TEN DOLLARS EACH. I think I am going to paint them. Maybe cream, to lighten them up a bit? Or something in the green family to try and blend with the upholstery? I think it needs to be spray paint, or otherwise it will drive me completely batty to try and paint all of those spindly parts and pieces, so that limits me somewhat. These are a little too big for the booth so I’ve got them earmarked for the barn sale.

Also at this sale, I got these two mixing bowls. I have no idea if they’re old or not. Can’t tell. Anyone know anything about them?

Also, anyone know when I’ll be able to resist buying mixing bowls? Anyone? I got these for a combined $5.


Two vintage chickens, $1 each. I love these. It will be a hard decision on whether to part with them or not.

Two busts, which I also cannot refuse. But a bust of Lincoln? Come on! It’s a no brainer! These were under a buck each.

You may laugh if you want to. Go ahead. Barb did. But I knew my husband would love this six inch, very heavy, brass gladiator helmet, and when I showed it to him, his mouth fell open. Well worth the $2 and if he keeps it, it will be in his little man cave, so it’s not like I have to find somewhere to put it in the general decor.

So that was a really good sale, and I left feeling like I had done pretty well for the morning…and I should have quit there. But instead, I decided to do one of my ridiculous drives and hit a sale that was about fifteen miles away. It was not good. Kind of depressing, actually, because this poor lady had tried to have this sale for months and it kept raining on the weekend she had it planned for…and today, she had even lost her electricity. She had a really sad story about her brother that added to the generally depressing air, so in all, I found myself wishing I had skipped it. I did get some pretty good stuff there.

I’m going to paint this little curio cabinet.

I didn’t take a very good picture of these…they’re tiny. I’m attracted to tiny little things lately.

This isn’t old, but I thought it was pretty, and especially love that base.

So after I left there, I really, really should have headed out to the booth, which I had to visit for the second day in a row because I put the wrong hangers on the back of the memo boards I was trying to get up — long story, believe me — but instead I was jonesing for more STUFF. Seeing as how I was miles and miles south of home, I decided to do the logical thing and…drive miles, and miles, and miles, NORTH of home to another church rummage sale in Bella Vista. I don’t know what my reasoning was behind this; it’s all a bit hazy in my memory. I think I thought there would be more estate sales in addition to the rummage sale, making the trip worthwhile…but there were not. There aren’t even any thrift stores in that town, which is weird, because the median age is about 80 and in a town with a demographic like that, there is almost always some kind of a thrift store or charity store…but I haven’t found it yet. ANYWAY, the only thing good to come out of that ridiculous use of gas was this stack of Reader’s Digest books, earmarked for my sweet friend Shara:

Shara, they were 5 for a dollar, and they had boxes of them. I went through and picked out ten of the prettiest, and they’re yours if you have room for them! I wouldn’t even know that such prettiness lurks underneath those terrible book jackets if it weren’t for you!

And then I drove to the booth and home. The End. I think I would call it a pretty good day.

August 3, 2013 - 11:37 pm

Shara I saw that little girl planter and thought Oh my God what is wrong with her? and then you said she looked insane. Whew. Great minds think alike. She is adorable, but slightly crazy looking!

Love the chippy red basket. I love those old worn blocks too. When the babies are out of the put it in their mouth at all stage, they will like them. They stack the very best! I still have all the ones I thrifted when The Bean was little. They are hard to find, so I kept his for my someday grands. ACK.

Glad you found a gift for your husband. Every once in a blue moon I find something for mine. Usually something vintage Razorback. Then he forgets it and I sell it. HA. I actually did buy his actual high school yearbook at a sale last summer.

I sent you some ideas for the RD books. The seahorse one is a favorite of most people that see it. Thanks for thinking of me!

August 4, 2013 - 7:40 am

Linda @ A La Carte I think you found some great stuff! I love that RD book with the seashore looking cover. Shara will love them I bet!


August 4, 2013 - 8:14 am

Melissa Sounds like you had a good day! You must have been super recharged from your glorious sleeping in the day before.
That little Made in Japan girl is quite terrifying! : )

August 8, 2013 - 11:17 am

Lara Jo Linda, Shara said that the sea horse cover was one of most sought after! I can see why, it’s really pretty.

August 21, 2013 - 2:31 pm

Chris Looks like the brown mixing bowls are old Bennington pottery.
They are beautiful!

August 27, 2013 - 9:56 pm

Lara Jo Thank, you, Chris! Good to put a name to them so I can figure out how to price them. I love the colors!