Hey! I’m actually accomplishing something.

Since we moved, stocking the booth has been really pell-mell. The garage, where I keep my stock, has been a total mess, and on the day I make a trip to the booth I was basically just crawling over a bunch of junk and grabbing what I could reach to re-stock. There has been no rhyme or reason, no plan. Plus, my project to-do list has become a to-don’t list. The creative juices haven’t been flowing and, since everything has been such a mess, getting to supplies has been next to impossible.

I FINALLY cleaned out the garage last week and got my supplies and tools within easy reach. I’ve also stopped being so lazy in the evenings — once we get the kids to bed, everything within my being wants to eat dinner sitting in front of the TV while simultaneously surfing on the iPad, looking for more projects to pin. Pin, pin, pin, but not make, make, make. So for the past week, I haven’t let myself sit down — I go straight out to the garage instead. And I am totally excited to say I’ve got three new BIG things to take to the booth this week.

This chalkboard is a little under three feet tall.

This one is even bigger, about 3.5 feet tall, and has the neat detailing at the corners.

My pictures are kind of horrible — the color isn’t really showing very well.  It’s painted Benjamin Moore’s Bird Egg.  I love this color so much.

My FAVORITE project so far…

I have been wanting to make a magnetic board for a long time. Making chalkboards is so easy…I’ve been so lazy lately, not wanting to tackle something I’ve never done before. I almost bought a can of that magnetic paint when I was at Home Depot last, but I googled reviews first, and as I suspected, the magnetic properties of it don’t seem strong enough to make something that’s actually usable. The sheets of metal I found at HD were expensive and small. I finally found an online tip (from Martha, of course) to buy a sheet of galvanized steel from the plumbing section. I got a 2X4 sheet for $10, which is pretty expensive considering it took most of the sheet to make this one. Once I add in the fabric, foam board that goes behind it, spray paint, and magnets, I’m going to have to price these kind of high, which I don’t like to do. So we’ll see how this goes. I’m selling it with some of the magnets that I made a month or two ago that didn’t sell.

(I wrote this last week, right before a bunch of bad news came flooding in over the phone wires…a death in the family, a close friend’s bad health news. The biggest chalkboard sold, three days after I put it in the booth. Hope all is well with you guys. Weeks like this one make me feel like there’s too much bad news out there. 🙁 )

July 30, 2013 - 4:37 pm

Shara Hugs to you and your family, Lara. Let me know if I can help.

Those are lovely chalkboards – most people use those awful bright turquoise and pink colors on chalkboards. I love the soft pastels better. Love that magnet board. It is lovely with the matching magnets added. I have a huge amount of giant intricate frames that I really need to break down and use for projects like this. But, it’w more fun to eat in front of the TV. 🙂

Be safe on your trip!

July 30, 2013 - 10:42 pm

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage I’m so sorry to hear about your bad news–we had a June like that and it was really tough.

The frame with the flowers is gorgeous! The magnets are the perfect touch. There has got to be a cheaper source for that metal, don’t you think? Hmm.