Crazy for Craigslist.

So between the crushing boredom that sometimes strikes a stay-at-home-mom during the day (at least this one) and the move into a new house with the accompanying need for new furniture, I have had plenty of cause to surf Craigslist on a regular basis. Like, really regular. Like, refreshing every ten minutes or so.

You might say I have a problem. At least everyone on my Facebook friends list does, because I’ve taken to posting what I think are hilarious photos taken from misbegotten Craigslist ads that are so bad there is only one legitimate response to them and that response is, oh, honey, no.

As fun as the wacky, sometimes-disgusting stuff is, I have found some EXCELLENT things on there lately. It’s kind of becoming a problem. I am supposed to be looking for kitchen stools. We have a huge bar in the kitchen that would be so handy if only we had the means to sit at it. So far, I have not found our kitchen stools but I have found many, many things that we did not need. I would stop looking, y’all, and take temptation completely out of my life, but we haven’t gotten those stools yet SO I MUST KEEP LOOKING and can I help but jump on those bargains that I find along the way?

Last week, someone on my Newsfeed posted a link to this blog and, in particular, this article about an amazing mirror this woman found on Craigslist. She must live in some Fairy Tale land where all dreams and wishes come true because she also found this unbelievable Victorian wardrobe for a sinfully low price. Seriously, go read those posts, because in addition to being amazing finds she’s showcasing, the writing is hilarious. I so identify with so much of what she writes regarding her husband’s reaction to her CL finds — in particular, the “Where are you going to put that?” question. THAT IS NOT THE POINT. THAT IS NEVER THE POINT. The point is, that’s an awesome item at an excellent price and as such, I must own it now. My husband is always a good sport about this but even I have to admit that spending our savings money on CL bargains is not THE most fiscally responsible thing I’ve ever done so I am trying to done it down.

Nothing I’ve found equals the bounty that Victoria uncovered, but I thought you might like to take a look anyway.

First: the babies are starting to indicate that it might be time to move them out of their cribs. This is, like, one of the most horrifying thoughts to me, EVER, because, as I understand it, it would be considered cruel and unusual punishment to duct tape them to their beds at night. We will be leaving them in there as long as humanly possible, but I know that “big kid beds” are imminent so when I saw this pair of twin Jenny Lind beds for $100, I hopped on it.

Their cribs are Jenny Lind, and I have pined after a pair of twin Jenny Linds since seeing Jordan Ferney’s kids’ room (scroll way down) on A Cup of Jo.  If you do an image search, you’ll find a ton of brightly colored Jenny Lind beds that make me salivate. These are in pretty good shape, but not so good that I will be afraid to paint them — I haven’t decided what color yet but I’m vacillating between white of yellow. Or maybe an aqua?

We DO need a dining room table, so this $40 find was exciting, though it did not come with chairs, so that search will continue:

It’s a nice, solid table, but the top is scarred enough to make me feel quite all right about painting it. It’s going to be painted a cream color (probably my FAVORITE Benjamin Moore Vanilla Ice Cream) because it’s in the dining room/living room area, where I’m going with a grey/cream color scheme.

This was a weird, on-a-whim, impulse buy, because it was only $15, but we don’t need a coffee table, so it will go to either the booth or the barn sale. It’s a really, really nice table.

But the BEST buy…and the one we needed the LEAST…

I have always, always, always wanted a glass-fronted bookcase (I hadn’t yet put the shelves back in yet when I took this photo). This one is super-old  with the wavy kind of glass and I LOVE IT. I had to take the door to a furniture restorer to get the frame fixed but even with that cost figured in, this cost under $200 and if that isn’t a good deal DON’T TELL ME because I want to believe it is. Also, help me decide whether to hang the cuckoo clock higher, above the shelf, so that the chains clear it, or lower and to the right or left of the bookcase. Can’t wait to get the shelves in and start styling this baby.

Does anyone need anything on CL that I could be looking for???


July 8, 2013 - 10:56 pm

Shara I only look on Craigslist for FREE things and garage sales. I really only look at the free listing for a laugh. Nasty old mattresses, grungy old couches (not Meth couches as you found) and last week, someone listed ONE man’s shoe. Why, I have no idea.

That glass bookcase is lovely. The table is great too – heck, everything is great. You did good.

PS Don’t duct tape the babies to the bed, okay?

July 9, 2013 - 8:13 am

Melissa That cabinet is fabulous! I don’t know a thing about antique furniture, but I think you did pretty good on it. I see those sell at my shop for more than double what you are in it for.
I love CL too, but because I have no dang impulse control, I generally have to stay away.
Great finds for you though!