Some thrift store success.

I have a bunch of pictures of finds from this past weekend to post but I’m skipping ahead of those to post some treasures from a trip to the Goodwill on the south side of town yesterday. I told Shara over at Monkeybox that I had gotten some good deals and she said she had just dropped off a carload of stuff to that thrift store, and now I’m dying to know if I picked up any of her cast-offs! This town is SO SMALL compared to Chicago. My niece and I went flea market hopping a weekend or two ago, and I found not one but two things that I sold in the yard sale in two separate flea market booths — so strange. I wish I could find out whether or not the vendors successfully sold the items since I was obviously unsuccessful at it. I’ve also seen two things on Craigslist that I sold at the same yard sale. In Chicago, you knew dealers were shopping your stuff but you never ran into it for sale around town. Very strange feeling.

I haven’t been doing a lot of thrift store shopping lately, because I haven’t been very successful at it. This thrift store in particular hasn’t been lucky for me, and I get so irritated at their prices. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday, though. My favorite find was this:

Sorry for the bad photo — I took these in kind of a hurry because I was losing the light. My Mom and I saw two versions of this at Round Top, but they were both out of my price range. It’s a series of postcard-sized prints that start with an illustration titled “The Propsal” and follow a couple’s relationship to the birth of their child, which is titled “Their New Love.” So sweet.

At $2, it was finally affordable enough for me to buy!

Next up, this strange basket-y type thing. Probably for kindling beside a fireplace, do you think?

I kind of love it. At first I thought I would re-paint it but the color is kind of growing on me. To paint or not to paint?

Adorable little shoe shine box with a drawer. This would be cute as a desk organizer. Even if you’re NOT a kiddie.

I can never resist Madonna paraphernalia. This one is particularly lovely, with a sort of watercolor wash on it.

These sturdy, wooden stacking paper trays with lacquered red bottoms are the kind of thing that would have sold in Chicago. Will it sell here? STAY TUNED. I couldn’t resist them when I saw these little (Chinese?) characters on the side.

All righty, Shara, I’m anxiously waiting to hear if I picked up any of your giveaway items!


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June 25, 2013 - 5:19 pm

Shara You didn’t by anything I dropped off. You found good stuff though. I have personally handled those stacking trays at least five times, but I never gave in. Obviously. I kept thinking they might still be around when they hit half off. Dear heavens, that little shoe shine kit is just the sweetest. I would have bought it for sure and I would have to keep it and I don’t need it or have a spot for it, so I am glad you bought it instead. Just don’t bring it to the BS and have it sit there and taunt me……

June 25, 2013 - 5:41 pm

Lara Jo I hate to tell you this but they were half off yesterday. BUT. Two of them were taped together, marked $4, and one was a single, also marked $4. I thought that was weird but thought, well, $4 for all wouldn’t be too bad (once the discount was taken). I noticed on my ticket that they charged me $4 each! So it was $6 for all. I know, only $2, but still…seems kind of pricey to me! Now you know I’m going to bring the shoeshine box to the barn sale and just keep edging it closer and closer to you as the afternoon wears on…

June 26, 2013 - 5:34 pm

Kari don’t paint it, its absolutely gorgeous! Its the perfect amount of chippy. I suspect its very old and probably original paint. Enjoy the pop of color!:)

June 28, 2013 - 5:56 pm

Tina-Marie Hamilton I am with Kari. Keep the original paint. LOVE the basket and other items!