Weekend Finds!

I actually had a really good Saturday this weekend — which I’m relieved about. I have big plans to give the booth a completely different look on Thursday’s work night but to do that, of course, I’ll need some new stuff. I got out super early — I told my sister-in-law that I would be at her house at 7 am and actually got there around 6:48…drove around in her neighborhood a bit scouting and then finally texted her at 6:56 that I was outside. This is only interesting in the context that I am almost ALWAYS late, except when I am early. As Michelle said when she was getting in the car, “You would be a good torturer.”

Anyway, I am working on getting all of Saturday’s finds photographed, but I still have to show you the rest of my haul from that fabulous Saturday almost a month ago.

Mucha print that I kind of splurged on. I love the frame — it alone was probably worth the $15 — but mainly got it because Justin loves Mucha. It’s big — about 2X3 — but I don’t know if we have a place for it (the colors aren’t quite right) so it may end up in the booth.

I got a ton of frames, destined for spray paint, for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.

Big turkey platter in perfect shape to be put away for holiday sales.

I got the little lady lamp for $1 because her nose is so chipped. But if I sanded and spray painted, you would never know. Would that be awful, though, to spray paint her? Opinions solicited.

The pool balls would totally be staying at home with me if it weren’t for the two monsters who live here. They would love to lob these at each other’s heads. I’ve always wanted to have a set to display in a bowl. The bowl was a hanging planter, but the means to hang it is long gone. I guess I could thread some jute string through the holes…or sell it as-is. It makes a beautiful bowl.

Pretty vintage summer frock.

I am in love with this wedding dress. How I long to take it to the cleaners and get it back to its original state of glory. But I know that would cost more than I can sell it for. It doesn’t have any stains or tears, but it’s dingy and wrinkled. And, of course, tiny, because everyone in the 1960s were apparently malnourished dwarfs. I think I’m going to put it on Etsy.

And two little pretties I couldn’t resist. I have a milk glass compote just like the one on the right, and though I have nothing to use it for, I have never been able to bring myself to sell it. So it was nice to buy another one to sell to assuage my guilt (it sold within a day).

Some of these photos were taken on the front porch of the rental house, and when I turned around to look at the door, I found this:

The new renters moved in to the rental house this weekend; four college boys. BOOOOOOO! I have a bad feeling that that cute little house won’t be cute for long. And so I’ll close this post with a photo of some of the beautiful hydrangea blossoms that bloomed on a gorgeous bush right outside the door…please let those college boys treat that hydrangea bush well…

Hope you guys found some awesome stuff this weekend.


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June 17, 2013 - 1:30 pm

Kathy Epley Lara Jo, Looks like you had a good day treasure shopping. Love the milk glass…my smile turned upside-down when I saw it already sold. My daughter loves it and hopes to have a hutch-full someday. About the lamp, how about a bit of spackle, or some similar product (or more appropriate product based on what the lamp is made of) on this pretty lady’s nose, let it dry, then sand, prime and paint. Yes, I think I would paint her a pale ivory or white, but that’s just me. With the damaged nose, I wouldn’t know how to repair and repaint her, without it being obvious. Hope you get some more input on her…would love to have seen that vintage wedding dress in all its glory on that wedding day…beautiful! Kathy

June 17, 2013 - 2:44 pm

Into Vintage Hmm. What size is that floral dress? I’m kind of loving it.

I don’t think its awful to spray paint the lamp. At least it will get to live on. I decided today that a couple of 1960’s-ish beige typewriters that I can’t seem to sell are getting spray painted — one in red and one in aqua. I heart my spray paint.

June 19, 2013 - 5:25 pm

Lara Jo The closest I can come to measuring the waist is approximately 25 inches — so a small, I would guess? If it would fit you, let me know, because it’s yours! You could consider it a THANK YOU for all of the entertainment and inspiration you’ve given me over the years with your blog!

I trust you will be showing us photos of your painted typewriters? I never would have thought to do that but I’ll bet they will turn out fabulously! Can’t wait to see. What’s your favorite aqua spraypaint, BTW? If you don’t mind sharing your trade secrets, that is. 🙂

July 26, 2013 - 2:01 pm

Anne That Mucha print is gorgeous (I have all Mucha prints in my bedroom)! If you don’t keep it – is it something you would consider selling online?


July 26, 2013 - 7:56 pm

Lara Jo I totally would, Anne! I’ll keep your contact info on hand — right now, we have it hanging in our bedroom but we’ll be painting before long and it might not fit in. I wish it wasn’t so expensive to ship things — I mailed some paper lanterns today and it was over $7! For a tiny little package! Ridiculous.

Glad you like the print — thanks for reading and commenting!