The spoils of a Saturday.

People. This raining on Saturday thing has got to stop. The last two Saturdays have been miserable, wet affairs; the Saturday before last I didn’t even try to go out but if I had skipped last week, that would have been THREE WHOLE WEEKS WITHOUT YARD SALES and we can’t have that, can we? So I dragged myself out of bed at 6:30 and hit a few indoor rummage sales before giving up and heading home. Not suprisingly, I did not find much.

Justin said one of his grandparents had a set of glasses just like this and Martha, my “boss” at the antique store where my booth is, said she had a set long ago. So hopefully these will inspire nostalgia in someone who will take them out of my booth.

Set of four yellow-flowered dishes and set of two orange-flowered dishes. The main attraction of these was that they came with the plate hangers attached. These would be adorable on a plate wall. Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with plate walls?

Two plaster angel shelves to be painted.

I love this lamp, and it was only $1, but when I took the globe off to replace the bulb I discovered that it’s broken and chip beneath the metal part there. Totally doesn’t show when the globe is in place, but I can’t sell it like that. So I’m going to keep it; it’s such a nice size, I’m sure I can find somewhere useful to tuck it away and use it.

I almost passed this up…it was $7, and since I’m cheap, that seemed like a lot. But in retrospect, it was a bargain. This is an old-school cutter, with a super-heavy blade, that has already come in handy numerous times this week.

This handsome devil is small — about a foot high. Do you call these blow molds? Or is there some special kind of these that’s called a blow mold? He’s got a little bulb that lights him up. Super cute, and going in my growing Christmas stash for Fall.

If it doesn’t rain on Saturday, there should be MILLIONS of sales given that so many people have had to postpone for two weeks now. FINGERS CROSSED.

May 10, 2013 - 10:33 am

Shara I just said last night that this #@*&$ rain is cutting into my flea marketing profits. First, I can’t go out to any sales to find any JUNK to sell. Second, no one is going out in this rain to buy the JUNK I am trying to sell in the booth. BOO RAIN! And, as I write this, I can hear rain hitting the window. *Sigh*

And, yes that is a blowmold. And a cutie at that! I have one just like it. Shocking, right? 🙂

That paper cutter and those twenty tiny fingers at your house make me super nervous. :O