An Angelic Purchase.

Would you have even looked twice at these in a thrift store?

I could barely tell what was under all that tulle. But they were only $5 each, and I was feeling daring, so I made Emme scootch over in the cart and share her ride with two new wire friends. When I got home, I immediately liberated Angel 1 and Angel 2 from their bondage.

Ah! Much better! Love how simple they look. I am planning on bringing these angels, along with a mess of other Christmas-themed stuff, to the Farm Fresh Barn Sale on September 27th and 28th. I haven’t done a show like this since my last Chicago Vintage Bazaar, when I was five months pregnant with the twins and Shannon and Justin had to do all of the heavy lifting. My friend Shara tipped me off to it, and she and I both will be selling there. I am totally excited to jump back in the water of a show like this!

May 2, 2013 - 12:12 pm

Shara Good grief! What was someone thinking when they did that to those sweet angels? Gah! You are an angel for saving them from their tulle and plastic bead life sentence.

The Barn Sale – I am STOKED! Although, thinking of snow here on May 3rd has me slightly freaking out about the weather in September. 110 degrees? A hard freeze? Torrential downpour? Who can even guess at this point?????