Saturday Finds.

Once again, I woke up at the crack of dawn (which is 6:15 for me. Those of you who are farmers will think sleeping until such a time is lazy and indulgent) last Saturday in an attempt to hit some good sales. I didn’t do so well. I keep thinking that if it’s going to EVER be worth it to get up that early, the back of my car should be jammed full of stuff! You would think that, to do something I love so much like going to garage sales, getting up would be easy — but no. It’s TORTURE. I hate it. I need a reward, people.

I did actually find a piece of furniture, which is really rare for me. This nightstand is pretty beat up but the lines are pretty. It’s currently undergoing its transformation so I will be able to show you what it became very soon.

These items all came from the same sale. It was an inside sale, and it has to rank among my top three Smells Like a Cigarette Lives in This House sales. In fact, I had to leave the nesting dolls outside on the front porch for three days to air out — the wood reeked of nicotine. The kitchen floor was sticky, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it was because of nicotine. It was crazy overpowering. The ladies running the sale were really nice, though, and I love what I got here. I love those deer, but I’m thinking of taking Shara’s suggestion and spraypainting…I can hardly bring myself to do it, though, so I think I’ll try to sell them as is and then give them a makeover if they don’t sell. The Russian Nesting Dolls are really cute (I love their blue eyeshadow) and now that they’ve aired out, I’m kind of in love with them.

And dad gummit, despite myself, I bought a cake plate. I just can’t help myself. I’m really kind of over them, but the ones with that little lip/edge on them still get me.

Nothing else exciting to show you…I bought a picture frame or two, but otherwise, nada. This weekend I am helping a friend with an estate sale so will not be shopping Saturday BUT I’ve made a deal with my husband — he’s going into the office a little late on Friday and I’m going to hit a few sales. I didn’t go out last Friday. I’m wondering if the better sales are on Friday? It was rare in Chicago to have Fri-Sat sales; they were mostly just Saturday, or Sat-Sun.

April 25, 2013 - 11:58 pm

Shara I hate getting up early to, so I am never an early bird that’s for sure! It was great when I would take my son to school, hit sales as they opened and still be home by 10:00.

Love those nesting dolls. I have several sets, but I have never seen any like those.

I overheard a couple looking at some painted brass today. She was horrified by it. I kind of agree, but then again, the end result is pretty cool. I’m kind of a purist and tend to leave things as they originally were.

*Stinky sales are the WORST!