Bedside Tables Before and After.

Remember these, from WAAAAAAY back in February?

They’ve been sitting in my basement since, getting about one coat of paint every three to five days. The color I painted them on is kind of a geranium — kind of pinkish, kind of reddish. I had intended to paint them a lighter shade of pink but once I brought these pillows from the guest room into Home Depot:

I realized that a more red-pink was called for. And so I purchased the paint at Home Depot, thus breaking two of my cardinal painting rules: NEVER EVER PAINT ANYTHING RED and NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING OTHER THAN SHERWIN WILLIAMS OR BENJAMIN MOORE PAINT.

Each table has one coat of primer and, no lie, SIX COATS of paint on it — and I’m STILL not happy with the coverage. Never, ever, ever will I paint anything red again. This time I vow to remember!

Although I am happy with the way they look with the bedding.

That beautiful glass lamp was a birthday gift from my parents. I think I’m going to recover the shade.