Little Red Riding Hood.

I got this 1941 Mildred Wetmore version of Little Red Riding Hood years ago, at Odana Antiques in Wisconsin. The illustrations are so, so gorgeous.

I have long wanted to frame some of these, but the pages are over-sized (about 8.5X12) and I haven’t had any frames appropriate. Until now.

I’m kinda crazy in love with it. At first I painted the frame a perfect shade of red — matched her cloak exactly — then I had a flash of common sense: the most likely utility of this framed picture would be for placement in a little girl’s room, and who decorates their little girl’s room such that a flaming red frame would fit in?? So I re-painted it cream, sanded so the red shows through, and used green polka-dots for the background. Now I just need to come across some frames suitable for the other pages.

April 6, 2013 - 7:05 pm

Shara My, those pages are extra sweet. I bet it sells quickly. I took in several framed vintage flash cards earlier this week. I think they are extra sweet too. PG was hoping today!