Fun re-do.

I love the looks of tiny little chest of drawers, to use for corralling all kinds of little things like desk supplies. They’re hard to come by, though, unless you count those old, beat-up wooden jewelry boxes that you can always find in the thrift stores. Like this one, for example.

I found this at an estate sale for $6, which was kind of steep, if you ask me, especially considering it was the third day and NOTHING was on sale, not even a lousy 10% off. Ahem. Not cool, estate sale lady. I had been wanting to try to paint/refurbish one in the style I had been seeing on Pinterest, though, and I liked the lines of this one, so I bought it. And took it home to scrub since the previous owner had been such a big smoker the entire thing reeked of tobacco until about the third wash. Yuck.

First I painted it Benjamin Moore’s Vanilla Ice Cream, my new favorite cream color. That paint is so smooooth it is actually just like ice cream — aptly named (the guy at the paint store said, “Here’s your quart of ice cream!” and it sounded delicious enough to eat.). I was just going to leave it that way, but it looked so boring. So I painted the drawers blue. That looked better, but still not good enough. Some of the ones I had been looking at on Pinterest were decoupaged. I have mixed feelings about decoupage. I have seen it done poorly too much to be too enthusiastic about it, and my forays with it in the past had not been successful. But, I figured, what the hell, I might as well try it.

It didn’t go smoothly, exactly. I got the paper glued to the box okay, but when I put the coat over the top of it, I must have used too much Mod Podge — it bubbled and wrinkled. I grabbed the kids little toy rolling pin and tried to smooth out the bubbles and the rolling pin took some of the paper off in places. I thought I was going to have to pull it all off and start over but instead I cut out some little hearts in a corresponding pattern and stuck them on the torn parts. I’m not crazy about the way it ended up but it was way better than starting all over and it was really, really fun. I liked the designing aspect of it. I’m on the lookout for some more cheap jewelry boxes.

I took this down with me to the booth this afternoon for a slight foofing — I don’t have much to re-fill it with. It appeared that very little, if anything, had sold this week. FROWNY FACE. I guess it’s a good thing that  Mom and I are scheduled to leave for Texas tomorrow morning — I’m feeling a little under the weather and it’s supposed to rain there but other than that I’m all for it! Here’s hoping this isn’t one of those trips I end up regretting afterwards.

March 29, 2013 - 11:19 am

Shara Adorable! I have one of these I found at my G’ma’s house. It was filthy, but I got it all cleaned up. Now I see that I might need to paint it too. March and April are not good months at the Flea Market. FROWNY FACE. But, wait until Sept- Dec. WOWOWWOWOW!

Have a fun trip. Buy lotsa junk to make me all jelly.