Springing Ahead.

I have been bad about posting lately. For the first time in 25 years I am without a full-time job yet I feel as though I’m busier than ever. I guess it has something to do with the two monkeys I’m taking care of during the day but for the past two years I’ve worked full time AND took care of them — don’t understand how I feel more busy now than I did then! I think that the more time I have, the more inefficient I am with my time. Gotta get better at that, because I have things to do! So many projects waiting in the wings. I got a freelance project this week through my old company so that has taken priority over getting some new stuff ready for the booth…BUT, I took the kids to see Grandma and Grandpa last weekend in Little Rock and that did result in my picking up a few things here and there — I just haven’t taken photos yet. The yard saling on Saturday was pretty good there, if you consider that it’s still March and not full-fledge yard sale season yet.  I went to about eight sales and bought something at almost every single one. Last on my list was a sale in North Little Rock, which I am not at all familiar with, but the ad said it was a moving sale and made it sound as if there would be lots of interesting things, so I tacked it on to the end of my list and resolved to go if I found myself with a little extra time at the end of the morning. Since I successfully dragged myself out of the house by 6:30 am (those who know me realize what a feat of nature that is), I was finished with my list by 10:30, so decided to give North Little Rock a try. YOU GUYS. You know that sinking feeling when you hit a sale mid-morning and IMMEDIATELY realize it should have been at the top of your list? That it was worth waiting in line for at 6 am? YEAH. I HAD THAT FEELING. It was the cutest house you have ever seen in the historic district of NLR, and the lady was apparently selling EVERYTHING at the lowest prices I have ever seen. The worst part of it was that there was JUST enough stuff left there for later pick-up — with prices still on — for you to realize the caliber of the stuff you missed out on and JUST enough stuff obviously missing for you to realize how much good stuff there was. An old oak beveled mirror that was about four feet high was marked ONE DOLLAR. I’ll just leave that with you and stop talking about it now because it only makes me miserable. Wah.

Before we left for our weekend trip I did make a run out to the booth to put some new stuff in. I read Vintage Rescue Squad Sue’s e-book on running a booth a few weeks back and since have been consumed with the desire to stock the booth ONLY with items that are for sale. Right now, the shelves I’m putting merchandise on are for display only, because I don’t have many furniture pieces at all (really, I don’t have any) and if they sold I would be out of luck. Sue’s point is that you’re paying to rent that space and if you put anything in there at all that’s not making you money you’re squandering the space. Plus, customers like it better when everything they see is for sale. I think that’s a valid point and, as a buyer, find myself most drawn to the booths where all the merchandise is displayed on other pieces of merchandise that are also for sale.  A week or so ago one of my display pieces was accidentally sold and after the initial panicked reaction, I figured out how to re-organize the stuff in my booth and was pleasantly surprised at how different it looked. Constantly changing your display is a great way to keep the booth from looking static and boring repeat customers.  That said, finding pieces is not easy around here — in Chicago, finding little end tables, bedside tables, drop-leaf tables and the like was easy, and usually at pretty good prices. Not so around here. This loooooong explanation is to introduce this table that I took up to the booth last week.

There is no before photo, because you would want to shoot me if you saw the beautiful wood I painted over. I normally don’t sweat painting wood; I am not at all a furniture purist — but this really was pretty wood. But I needed something that fit in with the general aesthetic of the booth and the dark wood of this table wasn’t it. So I closed my eyes and painted it. I think it turned out a little cheesy, truth be told, but it was my first attempt at stenciling on a piece of furniture, so I trust you will cut me some slack. At the very least, it is a display piece that I can slap a price on instead of a “NFS” sticker. (I paid WAY too much for it to be practical for resale, BTW, but I had to start somewhere.)

I also finally made this transformation:

I would happily show you the before picture of this one, if I could find it — I didn’t take one before I started painting because I assumed I had it in the archives but don’t know if I ever actually took a picture of it when I bought it. I’ve had it for about three years now, and it was a hideous green color with white speckles. This is a big improvement, believe me.

And last, I found this little rabbit card at the same place I found the table in the first photo — a little junk shop on HWY 71 between Rogers and Springdale. Tons of fun to shop, but prices are not what I would call cheap (if you need vintage doors, especially cute little garden doors or the like, it’s a great resource). This little guy was pretty expensive (for resale, I mean)  but I couldn’t resist him.

He’s not old, but he sure did look cute holding my McCoy planters in the booth.

Next up: I have to take photos of what I DID get in Little Rock (and stop obsessing over what I DIDN’T get).


March 20, 2013 - 10:46 pm

Shara I am hankering for a good digger sale. Sounds like you had fun and found some goodies too. I am just a terrible painter, so I always ignore anything that needs a paint job. I am good at the Shabby Chic sort of painting where it doesn’t have to look polished and you finish it off with sandpaper and some hammer whacks. That’s my style of painting. I went to Potter’s house today and spent a whopping 99¢! That store is getting to be so picked over. There was an old yellow display piece that I would have loved to have had for my booth, but I was in a rush and didn’t have time to put the seats down to haul it. It was filthy and needed something done to the top – but I liked it. Hey, I forgot I wasn’t emailing you and I was just leaving a comment. I do like the sound of my own voice, now don’t I? 🙂 PS – Your post says Rabbit Card and I about never figured out where the card was!