The spoils of a Friday morning.

Last night I realized that there’s no reason why I couldn’t hit a few yard sales in town on Friday mornings, as long as they start by 7 am — Justin doesn’t need to leave for work until 7:40, plenty of time for me to buzz about like a little bee and hit two or three sales. That will be very beneficial come the official start of yard sale season. This morning, however, there wasn’t much to choose from, but there was one sale that sounded interesting — the only problem was it was in Pea Ridge, which is a good half-hour drive away from us. I had no idea whether it would be worth the gas to drive out there and it would mean Justin getting to work late.

But there were these little globes in the pictures in their ad that kept calling my name. Those globes, ladies and gentlemen, are sitting in my house right this minute.

There are a few miracles involved in their acquisition — one is that they were still there when I got there at 7:07 am, and the other is that I actually got up at 6:15. I’ve always coveted small globes but have never had a chance to buy them. They’re in okay shape, very charming, and I can’t quite decide whether I’m going to sell them or not, since they will look so cute in the babies’ room if I decide to keep them. And I financed the drive by purchasing these at the same yard sale:

Aren’t they the coolest? They fold up, and their rush seats are in perfect condition and they have tons of interesting wood detailing.

They quoted me $15 each, and I passed on them, got back in my car, and drove nearly three miles before I was like WHAT AM I DOING. $15 is a pretty great price for chairs that unusual and old. So I turned around and went back and tried to talk them down to $25 for both. A note on bargaining: this is the first time I’ve done it in probably 20 years. When I lived in Arkansas in college and went yard saling with my sister-in-law, it was a matter of habit to offer less than what the seller was asking. It was automatic. One time we both spotted the most amazing vintage chair from the car: it was a deep rose brocade with wooden feet, in perfect shape, so beautiful it made my head hurt. I called it from the car (we used to be fiercely competitive with our yard saling and I had no problem yanking a find out from under her — I’m much nicer now), leapt out, and asked how much. I had already decided I would pay up tp $50, and that was a HUGE amount for a college student who had a hard time scrabbling together $350 in rent money every month. Yet when the woman in charge quoted me $12, I asked if she would take $8 without skipping a beat. AND SHE SAID YES. (I still miss that chair. I was storing it in a friend’s storage space and she moved a few weeks after the twins were born; I couldn’t even begin to figure out where to store all of the stuff she had been keeping for me and so dropped it all off at a Salvation Army. I am still suffering from PTSD.) I don’t really bargain any more, I’m not sure why. I guess because it makes me uncomfortable. If the prices seems to high, I just pass it by.

Anywho, I’m a bit rusty at bargaining, and when the guy said that the chairs belonged to a friend and then agonized over whether he could take less for them I told him I would pay the full $30. I mean, I don’t want the dude to lose a friend over $5 and I think the chairs are well worth it. The problem now is that, like the globes, they very badly want to stay in my house and I would very much enjoy the pleasure of their company for years to come. I must stop this immediately.

Before I left home, I had noticed that there was a verrrry interesting sounding yard sale in Fayetteville; since I was heading back to town at a good clip, I thought maybe I could sneak and stop there before relieving Justin of his Mr. Mom duties. It was a GREAT sale, and I would have been there a few minutes before he opened except for my dilly dathering on the chairs. I got there at about 8:08 and it was SWARMED. I missed out on two vintage wicker rockers that were AMAZING and sold for $20. Missed out on a ton of things, actually, but did manage to snag this lovely Fenton (with original sticker) milk glass bowl:

and these three pretty (well, depending on how you feel about gold rickrack and garish brocade ribbon) velvet pillows in superb shape:

Dude was a motivated seller. I overheard him telling someone he sells (or use to sell?) at All My Treasures. I’m positive we have friends in common but he was so swamped with people, I did not try to chat.

So it has already been a very fun Friday!

Yesterday I frantically hit a few thrift stores before Mom left town at noon. She’s been here for two weeks! What a luxury. This morning the kids were beside themselves because I actually tried to do housework instead of play with them. They are used to Grandma giving them her undivided attention. I found the GREATEST new store and if you’re in the Northwest Arkansas area I DEMAND you go there immediately: Warehouse 54 Indie Market. It’s run by the NICEST people and they have the best shop dogs EVER. Sorry for all the caps but I’m trying to convey to you the AWESOMENESS of this place. It’s a mix of vintage and handmade, very beautifully curated, exceptionally reasonable prices. I will haunt it regularly, I promise you. I picked up this print which will eventually be in Jack’s room but is residing in the guest room for now.

So cute, right? The artist is a local artist.

I also went to the Hospital Auxiliary store in Springdale, where I got this beautiful pin for the low, low price of $1.50 (the little dish it’s in came from the thrift store on Mission on your way from Fayetteville to Springdale):

And the day before my niece Taylor and I hit my new favorite Fayetteville flea market, In Retrospect, over on Township, where I walked out with an armful of goodies, my favorite being this bust of a child reading:

She’s big, over a foot, and I plan on rectifying the bad spray paint job she’s got right now. I don’t know how, but I will. She’s meant to stay with us forever and forever, in the twins’ room, reminding them of the importance of reading.

My thrifting mojo is returning, isn’t it? I can feel it! I can! I can!

March 8, 2013 - 11:38 pm

Shara You’re so funny going to Pea Ridge for a yard sale. You are way more dedicated to your sport than I am! I’m not entirely sure I have ever even been to Pea Ridge. 😀 I have a little collection of globes like that – I bought them to resell, but here they sit in my living room.

I never haggle either. I hate it. I really hate it when people haggle with me. Sometimes I get a better price when I just hesitate a bit. That’s not haggling, really. Is it?

Looks like a good sale on Sang tomorrow. I’d like to go, but not sure if I will. If you do and you get good stuff, keep it quiet, Miss. I KID!

March 9, 2013 - 8:15 pm

Shannon LOVE your finds! Your booth is going to look great! Especially love those chairs! 🙂