Thrifty Returns.

So I’m slowly starting to get my sea legs back in the area of thrifting. In Chicago, I knew every thrift store like the back of my hand, and I had a whole routine for every one of them: what days I would visit, what part of the store I would go to first, what a good price was in that particular store, and what price was too expensive and would eventually be slashed. I knew which stores were better for furniture, which were better for knick-knacks, which were better for glassware. Every thrift store has its own personality, from the items offered for sale to the people who work there. There’s a little bit of excitement in exploring new stores, but also a lot of discombobulation, too.

Look at it this way: let’s say I was addicted to heroin. And I needed it every day. And in Chicago I knew exactly where and when to find my dealer. And now I’m in a new city and haven’t found a reliable dealer yet.

I so wish I were overstating things, but alas, I have a problem.

I need to develop a routine! I did learn that Potter’s Thrift in Fayetteville rotates its discount tags on Thursday, meaning a whole new bunch of stuff is discounted 25%, 50%, or to fifty cents. I like their system — new stuff is tagged a certain way every week, so you can tell how far away it is from being discounted and you can decide whether you want to take your chances on letting it go another day or two. I’m always up for a gamble. On Thursday, I decided to get the kids out and see what it would be like thrifting with them.

It wasn’t bad, really. I have just recently stopped taking the double stroller inside stores and, instead, started putting them in a cart. This is great on two fronts: one, we don’t take up as much room, and two, they feel so much more free and are less likely to complain. Or at least, they don’t complain as early as they do in the stroller. The secret is never stopping the cart close enough to a shelf where they could grab something off of it. And avoiding the toy aisle like the plague.

I didn’t find anything great for fifty cents at Potters (I have a feeling, judging from the crowd there at 11 am, you have to get their pretty early in order to get the really good stuff), but I did get a cute beehive planter:

I love the color. So springy. I also got a framed print with a wonderful matte that I’m going to re-purpose similarly to the “Home Sweet Home” print in the previous post. It was only $2.99, and it’s of really great quality. I think Potter’s is, by far, the best-priced thrift store I’ve been to in the area. I almost never leave there empty-handed. They are particularly useful for glassware that I’m using in our etching projects — they routinely have sets of 4 to 6 glasses for $1.99 and $2.99.

Next I popped into a little thrift store I found when I went to Prairie Grove last week. It wasn’t open at the time but I made note of it to return. I got these really cute chicken…things.

They really puzzled me at first but as I was showing them to my Mom I realized what they are — you can’t see in these pictures but they have little handles. The top of their heads are the salt and pepper shakers and the bottom part is a sugar/creamer set! Ridiculously cute.

Then we hit the Goodwill on the way home. Usually, the third stop is the Armageddon of any outing with the twins but they were really, really good. It helped that they were showing Star Wars on the fourteen TVs in the store. They were amazed by it. Kept tugging on my arm and saying “MA! MA!” and pointing at Han Solo. (I was all YES I AM INTRIGUED BY HARRISON FORD AS WELL, BABIES.)  At the Goodwill I got some great barware for etching purposes and then these nifty candlesticks:

I don’t think these are old. Or maybe they are. They’re one of those items that could just as easily have come from TJ Maxx as from someone’s grandma’s house. But I thought they were cool.

I also found these tiny little bell cloches:

In my experience with the old booth cloches don’t necessarily sell that well, but they’re fun to stage with and always add a bit to the scene.

All in all, a fun, productive morning. Things are looking up!