It’s been nine years since I’ve moved. I’ve forgotten the special hell that is involved.

This is our dining room right now. I suppose the bulk of the items are packed up by now, meaning that you’re looking at about 75% of our belongings right now. But none of the kids’ stuff is packed yet, so there are many, many boxes still to go. I’m waiting until the last day or two to do that because I’m afraid it’s going to be too disconcerting for them to have all of their stuff suddenly disappear. So far, they don’t seem to find it odd at all that the dining room has been taken over by boxes. BTW, I don’t know if you can see it or not, but each box has a red number on it. My methodical husband numbered every box and logged it in a spread sheet, complete with the contents it contains. Sometimes his attention to detail is a pain in the butt. Other times, like now, it’s quite handy.

I took some pictures before we started packing of the apartment. I wanted to record what our big-city apartment looked like for posterity.



So much vintage goodness in this apartment. It’s over 1600 square feet, we learned while we were looking for a new house in Fayetteville. So we knew we had to find something that was bigger than that, as we’re currently bursting at the seams. Turns out, that’s pretty darn big for an apartment. We were about to rent a house that was basically a cookie-cutter home, in the shape of a box, with a tiny back yard, when my sister-in-law came across a friend-of-a-friend looking to rent her home for six months until she puts it back on the market over the summer. Right by Wilson Park, in a great neighborhood, and 2800 SQUARE FEET. Um, hello, I said 2800 SQUARE FEET. All for $365 less than we’re paying right now. The fact that it’s only temporary is mildly troubling — I know I’m going to get attached as soon as it’s time to start moving again, and it has many built-in features that beg for my vintage wares to accessorize and I won’t want to unpack much — but since we don’t know if we’re going to buy or rent for a while, it seemed a practical amount of time. Here are some of the lovelier aspects:

Justin’s “Media Center” is now a loft-like room up a flight of stairs with its own bathroom. He’s probably going to get a refrigerator up there and we’ll never see him again.

Gorgeous wood floors and built-ins in the dining room…

…and the little nook off of the kitchen, which is destined to be my craft area.

This gigantic room is the master bedroom. We could stage plays in there.

And this, be still my heart, is the back yard. The kids are just going to die. 

Justin is now in Fayetteville, and starts work tomorrow. Which means it’s just me and the little hellions until the 6th, when he flies back up to help pack the last of everything, then it’s wagons ho! for Arkansas. It’s all moving very quickly, it seems.

November 25, 2012 - 7:50 pm

Shannon This post makes me so, so sad and yet so, so happy and excited all at the same time. :/

December 22, 2012 - 11:38 pm

Shara Every time I cut through the Wilson park area I look at the houses and say, “Maybe that’s where Lara lives…maybe that’s it….no I bet that’s it!” Maybe we will have a thrift store run-in one of these days. My gosh, I ran into Leilana at The Attic this week and she still lives in Chicago, so anything is possible! 🙂