Oh, Andersonville Neighborhood Sale. I love you so.

Gracious. I haven’t been posting much lately, have I? Things have been fairly nuts around here. School started up again, which sent me into a tizzy, then my union decided to strike one week into the school year. Very stressful, very depressing, and very anxiety-provoking. I have pictures I want to post but just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and get them up…but I’ve got about ten minutes before the babies get up from their nap so LET’S GET THIS DONE!

I’ve rhapsodized about the Andersonville Neighborhood Sale many times before. It’s a bittersweet affair, because it signals the end of the summer (it’s the Saturday after Labor Day); but its size — it has, by far, the most participants of any other neighborhood sale in Chicago — means that you will ALWAYS find SOMETHING to buy. Justin and I have been going together for 17 years now — since we moved to Chicago. It’s the only yard sale Justin actually looks forward to going to. The first year we went, it was completely by accident — we had been in Chicago for only two days when we walked down the street and saw the most beautiful sight: dozens of front yard sales, one after another. Such excitement, our first year in the big city. Everything was so new and amazing.

With all that build up, I hate to tell you that I didn’t really come home with too much stuff this year. There were more things that I WOULD HAVE purchased if I had a resale venue for them…or if I didn’t have two almost-two-year-old maximum destroyers living in my house.

Shannon and I were a little in love with this coffee table, priced at $35.

I loved this coffee table too. I didn’t find out the price on this one.

I wish I had been able to get a good picture of this church pew. It was so long, I would have had to have taken the pic from the middle of the street, and every time I tried, hordes of people would walk in front of it just as I was about to snap the shutter. It was so long, and so cool — and so cheap!

But this lovely takes the award as THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY. This desk hutch was $30! Can you even imagine all the little craft supplies you could squirrel away in this sucker? I could have even have taken it to work and put it to good use. It’s just that when you’re pushing around two toddlers, in a cumbersome stroller, with tons of people crowding around you, the thought of figuring out how to load something like this into your car and get it home just seems so daunting. So I took a pass, and have been regretting it ever since.

Here are a few things that I actually bought:

The print sort of straddles the line between cheesy and sweet for me, but it teetered far enough over on the sweet side for me to be willing to pay $2 for it. I am deeply in love with the swan planter, which I only paid FIFTY CENTS for!

I wish I could figure out the age of this cute little rocking horse. It’s musical, and the musical mechanism works like a charm.

This was $8, more than I usually pay at a yard sale, but I loved it. It’s not very practical, though, because I can’t see the measurement markings very clearly. It might end up on eBay or Etsy.

The rest of what I got was for the kids.

I’m not sure whose bright idea it was to buy three magnet sets and put them all on the refrigerator at the same time. Oh, wait, I guess it was mine. And one that I regretted about three seconds after these two hoodlums started yanking them off and throwing them around the kitchen.

But by far the best purchase of the day was this talking Elmo for $2. Emme was besotted.

She held him on her lap for the rest of the afternoon, snuggling him into her shoulder and making him talk right into her ear. Love at first sight.

I didn’t even go to yard sales this past Saturday…it is the end of the season? Already? I feel like I don’t remember what I do during winter to take care of my vintage needs. Thrift stores, I guess, which is trickier now with the kids — I really try to avoid thrift store shopping on Saturdays, because it’s usually so picked over. What I really need to do is start working on getting a ton of stuff up on eBay and Etsy that I’ve been stashing away. Stay tuned.

September 25, 2012 - 6:20 pm

Shannon Totally should have bought that first coffee table. I still think about it!

September 27, 2012 - 10:05 pm

janie hightower I loved the coffee table, the lantern-things that were in the same photo, the desk hutch, the church pew (could cut it into two pieces), the measuring cup, and the children in the last pictures.