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Oh, Andersonville Neighborhood Sale. I love you so.

Gracious. I haven’t been posting much lately, have I? Things have been fairly nuts around here. School started up again, which sent me into a tizzy, then my union decided to strike one week into the school year. Very stressful, very depressing, and very anxiety-provoking. I have pictures I want to post but just can’t […]

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The Vintage Lab.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably share my love of anything old (or you’re my mom or dad). And if you share my love of anything old, you have probably found yourself digging through a trash can or two, or trolling an alley full of goodies, or screeching to a stop in your car […]

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Thrifting breaks a dry spell.

I feel like I’m paying for that great yard sale day a month or so ago by having a slew of bad Saturdays. Like the Thrifting Gods thought I had had enough good luck. It’s either that or admitting that yard sale season is winding down and I refuse — REFUSE, I tell you — […]

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