It had to end at some point.

All the signs are here. The Air and Water Show was this weekend in Chicago. The weather is cooling. Yard sales are slowing down. Back-to-School sales are ramping up. Let’s face it.

Summer is over.

The two holidays that mark the beginning and end of the best part of a public school employees life are Memorial Day (the two happiest words in the English language) and Labor Day (heavy words with the weight of a funeral gong). The summer seems endless in mid-June, stretching out in front of us full of promise and plenty. But it goes fast, doesn’t it? Zips by in the blink of an eye.

For some reason, yard sales seem to be coming to a pretty¬†abrupt¬†close this year in Chicago — or am I just picking the wrong ones? After our huge successes of a few weeks ago, Shannon and I have hit two dud Saturdays in a row. I haven’t even purchased anything worth taking pictures of. Luckily, my thrifting has picked up a bit due to my realization that most thrift stores around here are open until 9 pm — which means I can pop in after baths and bedtime and still have about an hour of shopping time. This could be the worse news my wallet has heard in a while. Or the best, if I can get my butt in gear and get this stuff on eBay and Etsy like I’ve planned.

I found this beautiful McCoy butterfly pot in a Salvation Army way on the southwest side, on Western Avenue.

It’s big, over six inches, and in lovely shape. I just love the color. It was TWO! FIFTY! That’s correct, $2.50.

It prompted me to go out and buy some plants for the rest of my vintage pottery. I’m trying to make my office look as inviting as possible so the return is easier. We’ll see how that goes.

These plants cost me $48 — I spent WAY more on the plants than I did on the pots! I’ve been lucky enough to pick up most of my vintage pots for $2 or less. I’m glad I’m using them instead of hoarding them in the pantry, where they’ve been for several years now.

The other exciting find…

A lovely vintage Burberry trench coat.

I have questions. So many questions. Does this tag mean it was sold at Selfridges? Does that make it less desirable? And does that mean it was purchased in England, or are there Selfridges here? It didn’t have a belt with it, but it seems cut a little different than a traditional trench coat, so I’m wondering if it didn’t have a belt — seems a little more like a swing coat cut. It is in beautiful shape. Buttery and soft. I can see why they’re so expensive. It’s a little short for me in the arms so I’m going to be getting it on Etsy or eBay here in the next week or so.

That is, if I can pull myself out of the depression that the end of summer has cast upon me.

August 31, 2012 - 8:10 pm

janie hightower I love the new pot! and I love the ones you have “planted” for your office. I think, tho, that you should have the twins hold the items that you want to show us on the blog.

September 3, 2012 - 3:32 pm

JunkHunk If we did that, I think this would become a blog about mosaic tiles.

September 8, 2012 - 3:25 pm

Sasha I think you are thinking of the UK chain called Miss Selfridges! When in fact Selfridges in London is an extremely prestigious shop! Fab find!