Yard Sale Finds

Yesterday was so beautiful in Chicago — I was torn between loving the cool, sweatshirt weather, and lamenting the fact that it’s obvious that Fall is on its way. Ah, where does the time go? For whatever reason, there weren’t many sales in the area yesterday — it almost seemed like a holiday weekend. Shannon thought maybe it was because the forecast had been calling for rain. Maybe so. There were a few promising sales way up north in Highland Park and then a rummage sale way South, and I couldn’t decide whether it was worth it to go that far…so we stuck to the middle of the city. I found some pretty great things for the babies — a lot of items with sentimental value to me — that you can see over at Zero to Twins if you’re so inclined. As far as vintage wares…

This is one of my favorite finds from yesterday. Fun Fortune Telling Cards. I’m a fan of fortune tellers and Tarot Card readings, myself. I’m always looking for some unseen force to tell me what to do and what choices to make. Doesn’t that make everything so much easier?

This version of these cards, which looks to be 1950s, sells for between $20-$25 on eBay. I only paid $1. I think I’ll keep them, though, because it seems like it might be a good party game (and the instructions are still in the pack).

I LOVE this 1940 edition of A Child’s Garden of Verses.

It’s in bad shape, practically falling apart, so I will not feel guilty for cannibalizing it for framing.

But, by far, the best buy of the day…

My new awesome little file cabinet for THREE DOLLARS. YIPPEE. But I need help from the Internets. I love the file cabinet re-dos that I’ve found out there — Pinterest has a ton of ideas — but I can’t find instructions on how to remove the face plates. This particular cabinet has face plates attached with grommets, and I just can’t imagine that there’s a way to take them off without destroying the grommets, and then how the heck do I get them to stay on again? Anyone have any ideas? I think I’m going to take this to work for forms as it’s the perfect size for letter-sized paper.

So, we didn’t bring home much…but it was a lovely day and lovely company so I am not complaining. Just hoping it’s a momentary lull and not the inevitable slowing-down of the yard sale season…I know it has to happen eventually but does it have to happen so soon?