Yard Saling in the hottest place on earth.

I’ve got to start this post off by admitting that I was in Arkansas the weekend before last, which is going to get me in trouble, because I didn’t call my buddies-in-thrifting to let them know I was in town (Kristie, I am so sorry!). We were only in Fayetteville for a couple of days before setting off for Little Rock, so it left precious little time for any kind of socializing…although, of course, I found the time to hit a few yard sales while I was there. For Michelle (my sister-in-law) and me, it was like old times — we even had her two oldest daughters with us, just like we would have 17 years ago, only then, they would have been in car seats. I always used this to my advantage, as poor Michelle had to stop and unstrap two infants while I was dashing up to grab the good stuff right out from underneath her nose. People, yard sales bring out my dark side like nothing else can.

It was a lovely day, if you don’t mind temperatures that spiked to about 1,032 degrees¬†Fahrenheit¬†by noon. Seriously, I am not built for this heat. I am a delicate flower that needs spritzes of cool water if I’m to maintain any kind of dignity and decorum whilst traipsing about a drought-ridden land such as that one. If it hadn’t been for the DEE-lightful company, it might not have been such a nice day…but it was lovely, as it turned out, as it always is when you’re yard saling with like-minded vintage lovers.

I’ve written before about how much it pleases me that my niece, Alex, has inherited the vintage bug. I found this dress for A DOLLAR. A DOLLAR. A DOLLAR. I knew it wouldn’t fit me but I’m not going to leave it behind when it was a dollar, am I? I mean, come on. I hung it on the pantry door when we got home and started wheedling Alex to try it on. She finally capitulated — and looked like a MILLION BUCKS.

Is she not the prettiest girl in the world? The dress had a little jacket with it but it totally frumps it up — no need to gild the lily when you look this good without it. She can wear the jacket with jeans, though, and will get two outfits out of $1. Score of the day.

I got a few other very cool items.

Lovely Mary garden statue for $6 from a really charming woman who was giving up her adorable cozy cottage to move to a newer house that needs less upkeep. You could really tell she was sad about the decision. Her house was so beautiful.

I like this, mainly for the chartreuse color inside, but it’s one of those things that I regretted buying as soon as I put it in my car. Do you do that? Just an impulse buy, because it was a good price ($2) and neat looking, but I have no where to put it. It’s already in the neighborhood yard sale pile.

I love this iron pedestal dish bowl-y thing — I want to use it in my yard, that I don’t have yet, as a bird bath. I’ll have a yard someday, right? RIGHT??

Three adorable vintage children’s books to put in my already huge stack of vintage children’s books. To do God-knows-what-with. I really, really want to open up another booth so I can frame some of this stuff. I just don’t have enough wall space to put it all up.

We got back to Chicago at the tail end of the heat wave — Saturday was pretty brutal, so we didn’t really yard sale (my Mom came back with us for a visit). While the kids were napping and Mom was here, I talked Justin into hitting an estate sale at Damen and Giddings that Shannon and I had tried unsuccessfully to go to some weeks back (it was supposed to be open but was closed for some reason). Obviously, she had been having this sale for some time, but there was still a TON of interesting things left — they were just priced really high. I think had I made a huge stack of stuff and offered her $100 I could have gotten some good deals but I didn’t have the energy — it was so hot. I did, however, get this:

I have been looking for these super-sized paper dolls to frame for Emme’s room, when she (eventually) has a room to herself (Decorating the nursery for both a boy and a girl is really hard. I mean, I’m not really hung up on gender themes, but I don’t really want to put a bunch of huge paper doll dresses in there when it’s a boy’s room too.). I kind of have in mind a wall like this one, which I think is so amazing — so cheerful and fun to look at.

I love her!

I bought some prints for either the playroom-of-the-future or Emme’s-room-of-the-future — but they’re not vintage, so hustle on over to Zero to Twins if you’re interested.

Hope you’re somewhere cool with a refreshing drink!

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July 9, 2012 - 5:04 pm

Robert M. Hightower Great write-up. Alex looks absolutely fabulous.

July 10, 2012 - 11:36 am

Shannon Alex looks AMAZING in that dress! Her skin tone is PERFECT for that color!

July 10, 2012 - 11:11 pm

Shara You picked a rough week to come back to Fayetteville. It has been absolutely miserable. I haven’t even bothered going to any sales. Stuff is stinky in the heat! Glad you got to come home for a visit – your family is lovely.