I [heart] Links

So sorry I’ve let almost a month go by with no postings. Wish I had something exciting to show you that I had found recently on my weekend jaunts but the season hasn’t really kicked into gear here in Chicago. How about some links?

Aaaaaahhhhhhh! I KNEW there was a reason to buy every single doily I ever see!

Superb tutorial on making wooden cake stands. These are adorable.

Ikea Hack: turn crappy wooden drawers into vintage library drawers! Brilliant, I say! (That, by the way, is an awesome blog for before-and-afters — check out this coffee table, this sconce, and this card catalog).

I have so many ideas for shower curtains…vintage chenille bedspreads, vintage floral sheets — and patchwork designs out of vintage fabric. Though this shower curtain doesn’t use vintage fabrics, it definitely embodies the spirit of vintage.  I really meant to put mom to work on stitching up a bunch of shower curtains when I had the booth — I thought it would be cute to have a wall of them in the booth by using a curtain rod hung on the wall. Oh well, next booth.

Does it make me uncool to admit that my favorite part of Design Sponge is the Before and Afters? Everything else on that site is just a leetle too hipster for me. (I think I’ve said this before, but wouldn’t a great drinking game be to follow the comments on one of the before and afters on anything made out of wood and take a shot every time someone says “OH MY GOD HOW COULD YOU HAVE PAINTED THAT WOOD? WOOD IS ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL AND SHOULD NEVER BE ALTERED.” )Imagine my delight to find an entire blog of only before and afters.