Monthly Archives: May 2012

Bowled Over.

I’m pretty sure I’ve repeatedly mentioned how much more STUFF we’ve accumulated since we acquired our newest collection — that would be our babies — and how I’m trying to pare down and streamline our lives a little bit. Haphazardly. Every now and then I’ll see something and think, hmm, I could do without that. […]

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For you vintage crafters.

The new French General collection from Jolee’s Boutique is downright dreamy. Buttons, ribbons, embellishments…and all packaged in the cutest way. I always have a twinge when I see things like this, though, because the true fun of finds like these are to find them at a thrift store, or estate sale. They’re adorable, and I […]

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I [heart] Links

So sorry I’ve let almost a month go by with no postings. Wish I had something exciting to show you that I had found recently on my weekend jaunts but the season hasn’t really kicked into gear here in Chicago. How about some links? Aaaaaahhhhhhh! I KNEW there was a reason to buy every single […]

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