Link Love.

Beautiful use of vintage red stamps. You could really do a gorgeous project with these.

Ooooooh, scroll down to the mirror with words on it. Done with stickers! The possibilities are endless, what with all the decals that are out there. This could totally justify my constant obsessive purchase of vintage mirrors!

Such a great idea for vintage pattern display. Y’all, she has embroidered on those pictures! How clever!

Dear Someone Who Sews: please make me this quilt. I will provide the vintage hankies. When you are finished, you will give the quilt to me and I will treasure it for always. Love, Lara.

I was buying up a bunch of vintage paper dolls a while back on eBay, always planning on using them in a project. This is kind of what I had in mind. I could easily have them blown up at Kinkos.

Great all-purpose round up of projects that can be done with common thrift store finds.