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Favorite Finds, Shifty Garage Sale Behavior

So I walk up to a garage sale, see this, immediately ask how much it is. The only person in the garage, a guy, scratches his head. “I’m not sure. It’s my girlfriend’s. She went to get us lunch.” Thinking it would be too much anyway, and not wanting to spend the time waiting for […]

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Bello Postcards!

At least I think these are postcards. It’s framed so nicely I haven’t ever wanted to tear the backing off to see. They actually look like tiny original watercolors but they all say “Napoli” in the upper left hand corner, which makes me think they’re postcards. I got this 15 years ago in Little Rock, […]

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Favorite Finds

I feel sure I’ve shown pictures of my matte white pottery collection before, but I’m too lazy to look back into my archives. Nonetheless, the collection certainly qualifies as a BUNCH of my favorite finds. I started collecting these about 20 years ago and at this point only buy a piece if it’s in perfect […]

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