Vintage Toddler Room Finds.

It’s cold again here in Chicago, which is to be expected in March, but still, disheartening after our blast of summer-like weather last week. I went out today, listlessly driving too far, too late to two rummage sales in the Northwestern suburbs and found next to nothing at either one. I did get this beautiful mirror for half 0ff ($12.50) at the second rummage sale:

I love the decorative corners and the¬†beveled¬†edges — details that make it very feminine. In order to justify buying yet another mirror I am using the excuse that it is earmarked for Emmeline’s future toddler room, which is, truthfully, so far in the future it’s ridiculous. It will be a while before we want to separate their bedrooms and even longer before we’re living in a house or apartment with four bedrooms. Still, it makes for a good excuse when bargains like this come along, right?

So when I found this at Unique Thrift I could hardly pass it up.

I mean, come on, $5? Sure, the cushion needs to be replaced, but my brilliant seamstress mother can take care of that. If we’re decorating the mythological toddler room of Emmeline, might as well go all the way, right?

Spring Break is this coming week and I have a long list of chores I want to get done — and I even have half a chance of getting those chores done since my mom is coming to stay with us for a week. Yay! In addition to cleaning this place from top to bottom, I’m hoping to get the Etsy store a little more well-stocked. It has been badly neglected for about six months now.

Hope you are having a productive weekend!