One More Spray Paint Project.

We have had apocalyptically lovely weather here lately. Like, go ahead, folks, enjoy one last picnic, because the world must be coming to an end very shortly. Sunny skies and temperatures in the 80s in March? In CHICAGO? UNHEARD OF. In all seriousness, it delights me and freaks me out in equal measure, and everyone I’ve talked to feels the same. It’s hard to enjoy weather like this when you’re worried it’s indicative of some serious global climate ruination. Today is overcast and cooler, not as frighteningly cheerful but still not what we would usually expect for March. Justin had to work all day so instead of me being out, futilely trying to find a decent estate sale, I’m inside with the kiddies, wrestling all manner of dangerous objects out of their greedy little hands.

There has been lots of time to disappear down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest, however. Today I’ve been looking at spray paint projects.

(It just struck me that it’s ironic that I’m talking about spray paint after musing on the terror of global climate change. I am an Ugly American, aren’t I? PART OF THE PROBLEM.)

The things people do with spray paint just amaze me: from the fancy, like these awesome bedside lamps,  to the whimsical, like this backyard playhouse,  to my favorite:  these simple but striking peacocks.  I always finish trips to Pinterest yearning to spray paint something.

For some time now I’ve been meaning to work on these:

I painted the one on the left a glossy red, for no better reason than I happened to have the paint on hand, but have been wanting to paint the other two something that would complement my vintage jewelry — I would love to have a way to display it rather than keep it hidden in a jewelry box. I’m trying really hard not to add any craft supplies to the house as I have so much crap already, so I made myself choose from the spray paint that I had on hand already. The first try was a weird neon green — disastrous. I have no idea why I have such an alien-esque color  in the house and can’t for the life of me remember using it previously. The only other thing I had was a glossy white. I decided that a blank palette like that might show off the jewelry even more and went ahead and tried it.

Instantly better than the tacky 60s faux-Grecian look in the before shot! And lovely with my nifty 1950s beaded necklaces.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. And if you happen to see any homeless polar bears, offer them sanctuary in your garage.