I [heart] Links

There is much to love about these photos: the tripod-turned-lamp, the triptych of framed vintage maps, and the green enamel clock.

I saw a vintage file cabinet like this one (not the cool green color, though that could have been quickly remedied) at an estate sale I was at a couple of weekends ago. Why didn’t I buy it? Pure laziness. It was in the basement, unpriced, under a ton of stuff, and the place was packed. Hoo boy, after seeing this photo, am I regretting my decision? You betcha.

The floral arrangements on this page remind me of a brilliant business idea: a florist that only uses vintage items for its vases. Teacups, milkglass, mercury glass…whatever can hold water. Each arrangement is completely different and unique. E-mail me, let’s go into business together!

You know how you can find some fabulous single panel vintage curtains at thrift stores and estate sales? This is a perfect solution and a reason to buy every single one. 

Clever suggestion for painting letters on wood as neatly as possible.

How clever and fun: giant, outdoor Jenga game. For the 467,259th time, I find myself wishing I knew how to use power tools.

Smart way to use those awesome photobooth photos. 

Well. If this isn’t the smartest thing EVER. I have so many linens that have beautiful embroidery but are stained or ripped beyond repair — not enough fabric to make a pillow or something, but enough to break my heart at the thought of throwing it out. So make buttons and/or thumbtacks! Brilliant!

(Above links culled from the awesome pins of Annabel Vita, a new Pinterest obsession.)