A Project Four Years in the Making.

SO here’s the story of the chunky little table and chairs combo we bought in Wisconsin years and years ago.

It was already cheap, and, on top of that, marked down 30%, so I think I paid around $24 for the set. I had my antique booth at the time and the intention was always to refinish it and resell it at the booth. I never got around to it, then got pregnant, then gave up the booth, but through it all, the little table and chairs set was sitting out in the garage. Because I am a hoarder.

But I knew it would come in handy before long.

With the twins’ recent love of sitting in chairs, I decided it was time to whip this sucker into shape. I started it at the same time I started all the other projects, so I was trying to use only the paint and supplies I had on hand. Luckily, I had primer and a good shade of blue that would match the nursery, where the set would reside. I didn’t sand it or anything — welcome to the era of “Good Enough Projects,” bastard son of “Good Enough Parenting.” I can see the flaws, but I bet the babies won’t.

I did buy some chalkboard paint, because of course I had to do the top in chalkboard paint, duh, because, you know, ALL the cool kids are doing it.

The hardest thing to find was the fabric for the seats. Since I was painting it blue, I wanted something feminine for the seats. I looked everywhere for something appropriate but came up empty handed. Enter Fabricworm (discovered via PaperMama), where I spent a happy hour looking through every option they offered. I ordered a yard of the Walk in the Woods Whisper and love it — but it was just too much pink. So decided on the Forest Life pattern and am thrilled with it.

The little deer kills me a little bit.

I think I have some happy customers, judging from the fight over one of the chairs.

Um, babies? There are two chairs. 

The giddy dance stamp of approval from the Little Miss.

Blurry picture but not so blurry that you can’t see the smile!

Of course, they can’t have chalk, yet, considering that today they tried to eat a candle. But soon, babies! Soon!

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March 17, 2012 - 11:14 pm

Shara The little table is so cute. They will use it for a long time! I just read your other blog from now all the way back to the first entry. Your babies are just adorable. My son had a bigger head than the doctors thought he should have. They ran us through the mill with MRI’s and CT scans and they found nothing at all. The kid just had a big head! He is perfectly fine now and I can see that your son is up running around being himself too. On anther note – I totally think I recognize your Mom, but I can’t put my finger on it…..

March 19, 2012 - 7:30 pm

Marsha The table and chairs are amazingly adorable! And the reaction from Emmeline and Jack tells it all…I still don’t know how you do all of this!! It’s so good that you held on to them all this time. Hoarding can be a good thing!