Oh, I’m jonesing so bad for SOME kind of estate sale or rummage sale or garage sale. I don’t remember estate sales being so sparse this time last year — I know they get a little less plentiful but I didn’t think they practically stopped all together.  I mean, pardon my crassness, but it’s not as if people stop dying over the winter. I did go to a Candace (remember me writing about her? She’s my FAVORITE) estate sale yesterday but it was the first sale of hers at which I didn’t find a single thing. The person (a woman, I’m assuming) whose house it was was clearly addicted to the Home Shopping Network. To the point where it was quite depressing. And there wasn’t anything there that dated before 1985. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there had been a Home Shopping Network in 1955? And you found the house of someone who was addicted to it then? NOT SO DEPRESSING.

I’ve been working on quite a few projects around the house, several of which have a distinctly vintage vibe. Like this one, for example.

Remember my hating on the Restoration Hardware faux-vintage nursery prints? Those gave me a mean competitive drive. And since I found that awesome nursery rhyme book (at a Candace sale, in fact) I had the tools to compete. I painted four frames that I had just taken down and went to town.

The prints were just a touch shy of fitting perfectly in the frames and I was trying to do this without spending extra money, so I didn’t want to buy mats — so I found some craft paper that had the general color theme and used that as background.

I even have them hung in the nursery. I’m telling you, I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m so used to giving up on projects halfway through these days — this was a small project, but I’m proud of myself for finishing.

Next up to show you: remember this chair and table I bought, oh, two or so years ago?

I bought that sucker before these two babies were even a twinkle in our eyes. And isn’t it just coming in handy after all? Hope to show you the after within the week.

Hope your weekend was marvelous!