Bello Postcards!

At least I think these are postcards. It’s framed so nicely I haven’t ever wanted to tear the backing off to see. They actually look like tiny original watercolors but they all say “Napoli” in the upper left hand corner, which makes me think they’re postcards. I got this 15 years ago in Little Rock, purchased from Hillcrest Junk, one of my favorite haunts while in Little Rock. But that’s not where I saw it originally. ORIGINALLY, I saw it at the estate sale where the woman who runs Hillcrest Junk purchased it. My mom and I had actually gotten out of the house by 6 am — can you imagine? ┬áSales in Little Rock generally start at 6 and if you’re not in line by 5:30 you might as well turn around and go home. We were savoring the luxury of being one of the first in the door at this sale — a very rare occurrence indeed — when I spotted this from across the room and made a beeline for it…only to have the shop owner get there before I did. Luckily, she doesn’t mark things up much at all — I haunted her store the next day until I found it and paid $15 for it. I have no idea how much it was marked at the estate sale but it couldn’t have been much less than that. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why that store is one of my very favorites in the world.