Favorite Finds: Ephemera.

I blogged about these when I got them a few years ago at the Andersonville sale, but I don’t think I scanned them in so that you could see them in all of their majesty.

If you are to believe the Internet, and as well all know, the Internet is ALWAYS RIGHT, these are from a series called the Little Friends of Make Believe and were made by Hallmark. The best part is how detailed the back of each one is.

I have six of them, but I only scanned in the women, because they’re the prettiest.

I love Polly’s dress so much!

I paid a lot for them — $5 each, if I remember correctly, which is a FORTUNE as far as I’m concerned when yard saling. My intention was always to frame them for the nursery — I think they would need to go into a shadowbox because they each have a feather that is still lovely and fluffy and I wouldn’t want to smash it under glass. By the time I get around to doing that, the babies are going to be teenagers.