Favorite Finds: Ephemera.

I didn’t find these two items at the same sale, but I should have. That would have made a better story.

I adore this vintage Paris map. I dream of taking it to Four Sided — if you live in Chicago and haven’t been to this store, you must go immediately — and having them do something wall-sized with it. And when I win the lottery, I will. In the meantime, it must stay tucked away in my ephemera drawer.

I discovered that it’s very difficult to scan maps in because of their size. I couldn’t get it perfectly flat. You’ll have to trust me as to how cool this is, oui?

These are menu covers from a French restaurant. I have no idea if the restaurant was actually in France, but the menu is written entirely in FRONCH.

It is clear what I need to do: learn how to professionally frame things and go into business for myself. I certainly have enough materials to start out with.

The coolest one is pretty water damaged, unfortunately.

I really love these.

February 20, 2012 - 8:46 am

Shannon The De La Lune one is so cool!