Favorite Finds.

These aren’t really mine anymore, they’re promised to my mom. I had them wrapped and in my purse, ready to give her for Christmas, then left the little package in my purse all through the visit. She will see them on the blog as a favorite find and say, “Oh! They’re your favorites! I can’t take them!” but the reason I offered them to her in the first place is that I adore them but have no place for them. Imagine how four tiny fists would love to get a hold of these delicate beauties.

They’re about three inches high. Aren’t they cute? I just love the delicate detail on their faces.

They are dressed and on their way to school, I guess, because the little girl is carrying a book. They’re stamped “Germany” on the bottom.

I got these in one of the grab bags from Village Thrift in Chicago. I couldn’t believe it — not a chip on them. It was a miracle.

Mom, they’ll be yours soon!