Weird Estate Sale Day.

This is quickly turning into a blog where all I do is complain about estate sales I went to over the weekend. Forgive me, but I have to discuss, in particular, this one that I stopped at today. Mind you, my Saturdays have become precious time that I cannot afford to squander, what with it being the only day I have to myself, so every estate sale needs to meet a pretty high bar in my mind in order for it to be worth my time…this one did not even come close. I am hoping that some of my Chicago peeps who read this blog occasionally went — it was way out west off of Irving Park, and had primarily lamps. The bottom floor was practically uninhabitable — no one had been living there for maybe 20 years or so. It had horrifyingly disgusting shag carpet in some of the rooms that was almost completely obscured by dirt and grime. Some of the rooms had wallpaper that had been torn off in large chunks and some of the rooms had this weird, stucco-like finishing in a really bright blue with glitter all over — this was the finish on the walls as well as on the ceiling.  I guess the person who lived there might have repaired lamps — there were dozens of them, and lamp parts, and silverware. That’s right, the sale was mostly silverware and lamps. I just got the worst vibe from this place, in addition to feeling really, really dirty upon leaving. I made the mistake of popping into the detached garage on my way back to my car — it opened up onto this cavernous space that had rafters way up high and, sitting in the rafters, were hundreds of garbage bags full of fur fabric scraps. A lot of the scraps were hanging out of the bags and down from the rafters, giving the impression that you were in a slaughterhouse. SHUDDER. The entire experience was like something I would dream in a nightmare after eating sushi too late at night. I am dying to talk to someone else who went who might want to speculate on what the hell was going on there.

Needless to say, I did not purchase anything from this sale.

The only other sale I went to was one done by my beloved Candace of Candace’s Antiques. She primarily does estates on the south side, around Beverly, but was on the north side this morning, which was nice; although I have driven over 25 miles for a Candace sale before, and been damn happy that I did. She has the BEST sales — they’re usually dirty digs, with lots of great stuff piled up in the corners of the basement. And her prices are amazing. PLUS: she is SO NICE. I got to her sale around 10, got about halfway down the hallway and had to leave — it was SO CROWDED. I felt smothered immediately and was afraid I was going to have a panic attack. Because I am a giant, anxious freak, I have to have a clear means of exit from any building I am ever in and there just wasn’t in this place. It was wall to wall, and generally, you can’t even get to the good stuff when a sale is like that, so I went ahead and went to the weird lamp sale, got lunch, and came back. It was STILL crowded, but I had to be getting home, so I chanced it. The basement was huge and chock full of stuff, but it was so packed with people and I was so claustrophobic,  I couldn’t really dig in. About fifteen minutes after I was there a really strong smell of gas started wafting through the house, and people started murmuring about it, and even though a man told me it was just the heaters kicking on, that was about all I could take so I got in line — forty minutes later, I was out the door. Forty minutes! I’ve never been to one of her sales where it was that crowded. I think I would prefer driving to the south side, if it keeps the crowds to a minimum! I have this feeling that there was a lot of other stuff there that I would have loved…in the olden days, pre-twins, I would have gone back on Sunday to check out what was marked half price. Alas, those days are over. I did get this way cool vintage umbrella that I think I’m going to put on Etsy:

Justin and I agreed that it’s very Zooey Deschanel from New Girl — if you’re not watching that show, I would like to know WHY NOT.

I also got a sweet pink and white chenille bedspread in super shape — it’s in the wash, so I’ll have to take photos later. The only other thing I got was this adorable wrapping paper:

I think I’m going to try and use it for a background for a framed photo of the babies.

Can you believe that we’re almost a week away from Christmas??

December 22, 2011 - 6:45 pm

janie hightower I love that wrapping paper!!! And the umbrella too.