Monthly Archives: October 2010

Thrifting Dry Spell.

Man. Yard sales have not been good to me lately. Maybe because I wake up around ten and get out around eleven. Yeah, that may be it. I’ve been too beat to go to any thrift stores after school lately but I did manage to drag myself to the Salvation Army last week and picked […]

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Wallpaper: Check.

So, the husband and I are still married AND the wallpaper is up! Um. Yeah. It’s upside down. How rude of you to notice.  I only realized it about three strips in and have been trying to forget it since. Justin argues that it could go anyway but I’m pretty sure there’s one side that […]

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I LOVE this idea from Blueprint — it combines my recent love of Grecian-style busts and vintage jewelry. I have a bust left over from the Bazaar (it didn’t sell), but she doesn’t have shoulders. That’s kind of crucial, I guess, when it comes to keeping the necklaces on the bust. I’ll have to keep […]

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