Long Time No See.

It rained again this last weekend! That makes the third weekend in a row Mother Nature has ruined my yard sale plans. This is especially annoying since we only have a very few yard sale weekends left in the year. ┬áLUCKILY my friend Roxana called to let me know that St. Paul’s Rummage Sale (in Lincoln Park) was Saturday. Even though we didn’t get there until 11 am, it was still the most impressive church rummage sale I’ve ever been to. So well organized and attractive and every single person working the sale was super-nice. Their baby section was unbelievable. There was a ton of really good stuff still there — I think because their prices were a leeeetle high BUT we got there just as they were marking everything half price. We filled a garbage bag full! Between that and our trip to the thrift store with the Sextons last weekend, we are SET (more than set, really) for both kids through 9 months, at least, and things are looking pretty good for 9-12 months as well. Why does anyone buy baby clothes new?

Other than baby clothes, I got this new miniature vase to add to my collection at the rummage sale:

Once the rain had stopped, we did hit a few yard sales. I got this cute bird house to use in the nursery as a catch-all (one side of the roof is hinged):

And that would be the extent of our goodies for last weekend. I don’t know how I’m going to keep the blog going if I can’t find thrifty goodness to show you guys! I need to get back on a thrift store schedule during the week, but so far, I’ve been so tired after work. Hopefully once I get in the swing of things I’ll be managing the work load a little better.

One more photo — I got this about three weekends ago for $1! She’s BIG, too, around a foot high. I’m wondering if maybe she’s meant to be a doorstop?

September 22, 2010 - 11:13 am

janie hightower I’m highly attached to the items above, all of them.