Fun with Wallpaper Samples.

Oprah Magazine has featured this idea twice now (I’m pretty sure that both of these pages are from separate issues):

Using wall paper sample books as a patchwork wall. I LOVE this look and think it would be cute in the nursery, but where do you find wallpaper sample books with such cool wallpapers in them? Do you just walk in and ask a wallpaper store if they have some they’re getting rid of?

Plus, how do you affix them to the wall? Do you have to, basically, wallpaper with them, or could you rig them with something that would be easier? I can see it ending up being a hot mess, with curling edges and falling squares. But so cute!

September 1, 2010 - 11:42 am

janie hightower Curling edges? Pshaw! You then just get out your STAPLE GUN!!!!! hahaha