More vintage nursery.

So far, the nursery will be two cribs and five thousand nursery themed knick-knacks. Who needs a changing table or a dresser?

Vintage print by one of my favorite vintage illustrators, Bessie Pease Gusman.

Okay, I love these, but what’s the story? Two high school graduates died immediately following their graduation ceremony and went to heaven as angels? It didn’t strike me as strange (because I was so taken with their cute faces) ¬†until I got them home.

These three hang on the wall.

I have always loved Lefton’s bluebirds. I usually can’t afford them, but this one had some small chips, so it was affordable.

August 26, 2010 - 9:17 am

janie hightower I was a little puzzled myself about the graduating angels. I love the twin wall things!